Our Gibbon Sanctuary

IPPL not only helps primates in need around the world but also maintains a Headquarters Sanctuary in Summerville, South Carolina, where dozens of gibbons (the smallest of the apes) currently reside.

IPPL Sanctuary

Thanks to our thousands of caring supporters around the world, over the years we’ve rescued dozens of abused and neglected gibbons from a variety of unfortunate backgrounds. Our gibbons include former lab subjects, unwanted zoo animals, and discarded pets.

Without the generous support of our compassionate donors, many of these animals would have been condemned to a life of misery, or even an unnecessary and premature death.

Instead, our gibbons enjoy some of the best conditions in captivity, with plenty of fresh food, access to spacious enclosures, and lots of loving care every day. As a result, we’re proud that some of our gibbons have lived to be over 50 years of age!

Please note that IPPL is a sanctuary, and we put the comfort and safety of our gibbons first. As a result, we are not open to the public.

A Day at the Sanctuary

Meet our gibbons!

Gibbons currently living at our sanctuary:

Males: 20
Females: 16
Total: 36

All but one of the IPPL gibbons belong to the white-handed gibbon species, Hylobates lar. Both sexes of white-handed gibbons can be either light-colored (ranging from blonde to honey-brown) or black. All have white face rings and white hands and feet. We also have one female yellow-cheeked crested gibbon, Nomascus gabriellae; adult males of this species are black, while the females (like Tong here at IPPL) are various shades of gold or beige with a little black cap.

  Name Paired with
1. Ahimsa Elizabeth
2. Arun Rangsi Shanti
3. Blackie Chloe
4. Cathy Michael
5. Chloe Blackie
6. Courtney Whoop-Whoop
7. Dianne Robbie
8. Donny E.T.
9. Elsa Nicholas
10. Elizabeth Ahimsa
11. Erin Ziggy
12. E.T. Donny
13. Gary N/A
14. Gibby Tong
15. Gus N/A
16. Helen Peppy
17. Jade Palu-Palu
18. Kendra Louie-Louie
19. Louie-Louie Kendra
20. Maui Speedy
21. Maynard N/A
22. Mia N/A
23. Michael Cathy
24. Nicholas Elsa
25. Palu-Palu Jade
26. Peppy Helen
27. Robbie Dianne
28. Scrappy Uma
29. Shanti Arun Rangsi
30. Spanky N/A
31. Speedy Maui
32. Thai N/A
33. Tong Gibby
34. Uma Scrappy
35. Whoop-Whoop Courtney
36. Ziggy Erin

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