Hurricane Matthew Devastates IPPL!

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We know many of our friends have been concerned about IPPL and our gibbons. Since we cannot receive or respond to any calls or emails, we are posting the following information

img_2086Hurricane Matthew slammed into our sanctuary leaving a path of destruction throughout our property. We took every precaution we could – especially for our gibbons and the otters – so they were safe and unharmed. We were without power till Tuesday afternoon and still do not have telephone or internet service. Fortunately, we have generators which kept the food for the gibbons and otters from spoiling. The staff, and any volunteers we can get, have been working non-stop to pick up branches and limbs and remove the plywood panels from the gibbon house windows. The gibbon houses are made of concrete, wood and brick, so they are virtually indestructible, but a huge tree has damaged part of the roof of one house and there has been extensive damage to outdoor enclosures and aerial walkways that will require a professional welder to repair.  Many trees have broken or uprooted, blocking driveways, and damaged fencing and that will require professional tree removal as well. Currently, the staff is triple inspecting allgibbon-enclosure-20161009_131613 structures, gibbon enclosures and fencing

It is impossible to estimate how long it will take to restore our sanctuary or exactly how much it will cost, but we do know it will be at least $50,000 or more. This is a huge, unexpected expense that has seriously impacted our budget. We would be most grateful for donations to help us in this time of need.

For the gibbons and staff – Thank You!


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