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Butet Sitohang from PROFAUNA in Indonesia. She had the room in tears watching footage of the local markets where primates and other exotic species are sold as pets and as food.

A big shout out to all of our incredible supporters who were able to attend, and those of you who made a donation if you couldn’t make it this year. To be surrounded by like-minded individuals who care about primates all over the world (including our wonderful gibbon residents who live at our sanctuary), to learn from our passionate speakers who gave thought-provoking and emotional presentations, and to be fortunate enough for wonderful weather- it could not have gone any better! We are so grateful to our IPPL team for working so hard to make this conference the best it could be, and even more grateful to our supporters for making it happen. We hope to see you all at the next conference in 2020! 

Above, Ian Redmond (and Archie the elephant), signing his book for an attendee.


You can learn more about another exciting learning opportunity…a “one stop shop” for activists to stream independent conservation and social cause documentaries for a nominal monthly fee. 

Check out ecostreamzWe all certainly learned a lot this weekend, and were excited to hear about the new project Ian Redmond has been working on with virtual ecotourism. Check out his virtual gorilla safari! As youth and younger generations are more and more “glued” to their smartphones, why not turn them into a conservation education platform that takes them out of their usual surroundings and introduces them to far off places and experiences?  

Edwin Wiek of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand giving his eye-opening presentation about recent rescues at his sanctuary. 



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