Blackie, a special gibbon

Blackie came to IPPL from Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP)  where he had been used in research for about 20 years. When he arrived in 1984, we didn’t know much else about him except that he was born around 1958. Blackie now has the special distinction of being the oldest gibbon at IPPL!  In the wild, gibbons typically live around 30-35 years, so 61 is quite impressive. In fact, he’s among the oldest gibbons on record in the entire world.

Since he arrived at the sanctuary, Blackie’s whole world has changed. Now his days are filled with nutritious meals, relaxation, and companionship. He is paired with Chloe, a former pet, and the two of them are often seen grooming and hanging out together. We think his longevity is a testament to his strength and spirit, the fact that Chloe keeps him on his toes, and the special TLC he gets at IPPL.

The challenges of caring for an older gibbon with special needs

Blackie also happens to be deaf, which entails some special care. The animal care staff use a few hand signals that Blackie has learned for things like getting his attention, managing activities during the day, and other communication. As one of our super seniors, we we also keep an eye out for needs and capabilities that often change with age. For example, like humans, gibbons are susceptible to things like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and cataracts.

Your gift to the Gibbon Care Fund will help us with ever-increasing medical costs for the aging gibbons – and all of the special residents at IPPL!

I want to help!

They need YOU

For some gibbons at IPPL, we know little about their background, especially former lab gibbons like Blackie. No matter what their lives were like in the past, or what they might need now – or in the future – the IPPL team provides top-rate care that is crucial to the health of our gibbons at all stages of life.  You are the key to making this happen. The Gibbon Care Fund will help ensure we can provide specialized care for years to come.

Gibbon Care Fund


P.S. Please remember that your donation is tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. IPPL is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. IPPL’s federal tax-exempt number is 51-0194013.



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