Special Care for a Special Gibbon: Gibby

Meet Gibby

Gibby had quite the journey before he reached IPPL. He was wild-caught around 1959 – which makes him older than IPPL! Before coming here, Gibby was used in experiments at two different laboratories. He was used in locomotion experiments where he had to run on a treadmill until he collapsed. This included anesthesia twice a day and insertion of electrodes into his muscles to take measurements. Some of the gibbon test subjects did not survive these strenuous experiments. Gibby persevered and eventually ended up here with us in 2007.

Now that he is a resident at IPPL, Gibby has a much better life than he did in the lab. Although the experiments were extremely hard on his body, he gets around well. As one of our “super seniors,” Gibby gets to enjoy the R&R of retirement and can spend his days just as he pleases.  He has even earned the nick name “Gibster” because he can be such a character. He is happily paired with Tong, a golden-cheeked gibbon. She definitely keeps Gibby on his toes!

The key to healthy, happy gibbons

Receiving a healthy diet, enrichment, and veterinary care are all key for good health.  We tailor care to their particular needs and capabilities. For example, we have some gibbons that are on special diets, have certain foods they cannot eat and other situations that require something special. IPPL is fortunate to have such a caring, careful team and top-notch veterinary to care for the residents at the sanctuary!

Gibbon Care Fund

We cannot do it alone

Without your help, what we do just wouldn’t be possible. We are reminded of the dedication and generosity of our donors each and every day.  You make it possible to care for sweet seniors like Gibby and all of the other rescued gibbons at IPPL. We make sure that they get everything they need, and if that means specialized vet care, extra time and attention, a special diet  – anything – all because of your support. You can help us give them the safety and special care they deserve for years and years to come with a gift to the Gibbon Care Fund.

We need YOU!

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