Special Care for a Special Gibbon

Recently, one of our beloved gibbons spent four weeks as a patient in our Animal Care Cottage. Tong, who is in her mid-40s, had tests that revealed a serious infection.

While she was recovering, IPPL caregivers helped her with everything she needed, which included gently providing her with sips of water and tiny bites of food.  Day by day, we saw her regain strength. As Tong began to sing and chatter and the sparkle came back to her eyes, we knew she was out of the woods! Finally, after a couple more weeks she was feeling much better and able to return to her mate, Gibby.

Gibbon Golden Years

In the wild, a gibbon’s average life expectancy is around 25 – 30 years.  In addition to Tong, IPPL has 21 gibbons over the age of 30 and  – two who are in their 60’s! These gibbons receive so much TLC at IPPL. We are grateful to our amazing care staff and Dr. John Ohlandt, Jr DVM, our veterinarian.  The IPPL team provides top-rate care that is crucial to the health of our gibbons at all stages of life.

They need YOU

As a donor, you are a lifeline for these special gibbons!  No matter what, their continued health care is a challenge we are determined to meet. Will you help us? Please support the Gibbon Care Fund. Your gift will make a difference to our wonderful residents and, above all, help provide supportive care for years to come.





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