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During our Supporters’ Meeting this past April, IPPL’s Animal Care team members shared some candid videos they had taken of our gibbons. As you might imagine, they have seen many unusual behaviors that the casual visitor is unlikely to witness.

IPPL's animal care team
IPPL’s animal caregivers make a great team: left to right, Meg McCue-Jones, Brandon Spivy, Hardy Brown, Samantha Martin, and Rachel Schleicher.


So, may I present the IPPL gibbons, as you’ve never seen them before….

Blackie often does pirouettes, but he doesn’t always remember to bow afterward.


E.T. does this deliberate “gorilla walk” when she’s trying to intimidate her female neighbors.


Want to know what “brachiate” means? Watch Gary in action!


Kendra is not reluctant to steal tasty tidbits from her brother, Thai.


Timid Palu-Palu vs. a squirrel? No contest.


On a warm day, Peppy loves sipping from a garden hose. Loves it a little too much, actually: we have to cut him off, or he’d drink himself silly!


Robbie enjoys teasing our Great Pyrenees dog, Snow (especially if she has to wear one of those goofy Elizabethan collars).


Tong and Gibby are so adorable when they wrestle.


Whoop-Whoop is such a natural athlete, we had to slow him down so you could appreciate the little guy’s style.


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  • I really enjoyed the show of the Gibbons, what beautiful faces they have.
    What a wonderful job you are all doing there for them!
    Thanks for sharing.


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