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Since it’s pumpkin time, our artistic animal care staff came up with a number of creative carvings and presented the fruits of their labors to our gibbons.

Carving pumpkins

Our animal care team shows off their knife skills: left to right, Samantha, Stacy, and Rachel.


Our gibbons mostly like to munch the seeds and excavate the stringy “pumpkin guts” from the belly of the pumpkin-beast. Sometimes that can be more of a challenge than one might anticipate.

Courtney and pumpkin

A mischievous pumpkin gives Courtney a wink.


Readers of a certain age will remember this infectious ad campaign from the 1970s: Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!


Although our jack-o-lanterns were not meant to be scary, we must report that Louie-Louie was a bit creeped out by his pumpkin, which persisted in doing its own weeble-wobble act. Whenever Louie tried to smack it around, the pumpkin kept righting itself, causing him to jump back in alarm.


















He eventually yanked off the top and threw it aside, then peeked inside to make sure nobody was home—and made his peace with it….




Our favorite gibbon gourmand, Courtney, was not so shy. At one point she stuck her entire head inside the pumpkin and had anchored it with her foot as she pulled seeds out. Her diffident partner Whoop-Whoop kept his distance: Courtney had clearly claimed the territory.




This pumpkin doesn’t look very well…


…but Speedy (left) and Maui don’t seem to care.


Maybe the gibbons enjoyed themselves more than the pumpkin critters did!

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  • Donna Richenor
    November 7, 2014 9:13 pm

    Keep those pictures coming! I so miss not being there! June!! Hopefully. I miss you all.


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