World Cup Gibbon Training Camp 2014

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Our gibbons have World Cup potential, no question. Whoop-Whoop already shows great kicking abilities. We’re just going to have to cure him of his tendency to bite the ball: Whoop-Whoop—even more so than Luis Suarez—has some very impressive canines!

And watch Maui score his first goal! With just a little more energy, we think he might be the next center forward for Team USA—watch out, Clint Dempsey!

Blackie, however, might be better off at Ballet Camp instead….


Our gibbons have come to the IPPL sanctuary from a variety of backgrounds: Whoop-Whoop and Blackie were once held in research labs, while Maui and his family were rescued from a zoo that was being closed due to its violations of the Animal Welfare Act. But we think all our gibbons are stars!



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