1979: December
Charlie the Chimpanzee
An Environmental Enrichment Project for Chimpanzees
The Project
The Chimpanzees
American Sign Language
Other Activities
Socialization Most Important
Setting A Good Example
Future Plans
Animal Management Considerations
A Second Shipment of “Laotian Mammals”
480 Monkeys Die in Transit
Monkeys Placed at Atomic Bomb Sites in Nevada
Crab-Eating Monkeys Freeze to Death in Experiment
State Department Papers Show How US Tried to Overturn India’s Primate Export Ban
Malaysia Suspends Monkey Exports
Baby Gorilla Seized at London Airport
Research Modernization Act Introduced
IPPL Testifies for Strengthened Lacey Act
Convention News
Problems of Ape Conservation in Gabon
Sierra Leone Authorities Seize Chimpanzees
Baboons and Vervets Die at Rome Airport
Birth Defects Appear in Japanese Monkeys
International Primatological Society Congress
Mountain Gorilla Update
For Sale-“Doris”
Chilling News for Primates
Mother Mandrill and infant
IPPL Officials

1979: August
Drawing of Proboscis monkey
Monkeys’ Eyes Burned in US Air Force Experiments
IPPL Requests Investigation of Congress Travel Funds
State Department Telegram Announces Ms. McGreal’s Non-Attendance at Primate Congress
Animals and Ethics Meeting
Notice to Canadian Members
Blood Defends Military Radiation Experiments of Monkeys
Macaque Crisis, Real or Phony?
Where Did All The Monkeys Go?
Amsterdam Chimps Return to West Africa
Controversy Over Gibbon Capture Continues
Malaysian Animal Trafficker to Provide Monkey Corpses to Cambridge Project
Public Health Service Forces Owners to Part with Primates
Chimpanzees and Human Predation in Rio Muni
Chimpanzees Seized at Miami Airport
Tragic Case of Neglect
Chimpanzees Seized in France
Italian Pet Shops Sell Chimpanzees
Thai Wildlife Director Denies Allegation
Heat Kills Monkeys at Davis Primate Center
Marmosets Die at San Diego Zoo
New Organizations
Safari Club Applications Withdrawn
British Scientific Publications Accuse Indian Peasants of Atrocities on Monkeys
Two Hundred Monkeys “Discarded”
No End to Belgian Smuggling in Sight
Long Island Monkey Sanctuary
Animal Shipping Standards Under Review
Yerkes Primate Center Monkey Gets Married
Stanford Chimpanzees Sold for Medical Research
Brazilian Government Investigating Alleged Monkey Killings
Convention News
Update on the Mountain Gorillas
Proboscis Monkeys Die, Zoo Wants More
University of Mississippi Plans to Vasectomize Stumptail Macaques
Reprieved Chimpanzee Doing Well
Singapore Animal Dealer Arrested
Interior Moves to Protect Animal Dealers from Public Scrutiny
IPPL Publications Available
IPPL Officials

1979: April
AFRRI Monkey in Treadwheel
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute Continues Radiation Experiments
Animal Welfare Groups Telegram to International Primatological Society Congress
IPPL and HSUS Protest AFRRI’S Use of Restraint Chairs
Primates Lose Friend
Safari Club Hunters Plan to Shoot Orang-Utans, Gorillas And Colobus Monkeys
Recommended Reading and Listening
Ten Chimpanzees Seized at Amsterdam Airport
Capuchin Monkeys Help Quadriplegics
New Books
Malaysian Primate Program Participant Criticizes Malaysian Game Department
Getty Prize Winner No Friend of Primates
Concern over missing apes
Demonstrators Protest Noise Experiments
Lond Houghton Disputes Charge that Animal Activists Do Not Care about People
Indian Reactions To Monkeying With The Rhesus
The Government of Belgium Fails to Ratify the CITES In 1978
U.S. Justice Department Plans Action on Wildlife Cases
Drawing of Sifakas
IPPL Officials

1978: December
Smuggled Primate on Bangkok Airport
Laotian-Belgium Traffic in Mammals
Suspected Thai Origin of the Shipment
Violations of IATA Regulations
International Protest
Extent of Laotian-European Traffic in Wildlife
Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute Obtains Smuggled Macaques
“Khun Khampheng” and the Bangkok Wildlife Company
US National Cancer Institute to Fund Malaysian Primate Program
Background to the Contract
IPPL Questions About the Malaysian Primate Project
Investigation Reveals Contract Mismanagement
Extracts from NIH Review of Contract NO1-CO-65319
Angaur Macaques Face “Final Solution”
Scientific Interest of Angaur Macaque Population
Please Remember IPPL at Christmas
The Chimps of Mount Asserik
Chimpanzee Traffickers Denounced in Sierra Leone Press
International Primatological Society Officer Subject of Expose
Psychologist Attacks “Torture” of Primates
Disproportionate Suffering
Brachiating Primates to Get Larger Cages
News of the Mountain Gorillas
Publications Available
Chimpanzee Task Force Report Available
Announcements for Scientists’ Center for Animal Welfare
Use of Primates in Toxicity Testing
US Endangered Species Act Amended
Demonstrators Protest Weight-Droppings
From the Malaysian Press
Control Export of the Monkey Call
Protecting Our Fauna
News in Brief
National Conference on Health Research Principles
Chimps Shot
Missing Import Declarations
Big Haul in Kenya
Chimpanzee Mutilation to go Ahead
Reprieved Monkey sent to Yemassee Primate Center
Primate Tour of Soviet Union
Declaration of Animal Rights
Netherlands Animal Dealer to be Prosecuted
New York Conference Picketed
Reprieved Chimpanzee Doing Well
IPPL Officials

1978: August
Special – His Name was Digit
Letter to the Editor
The Rhesus Monkey Certification Program
Chemical Warfare Experiments
Carter Appeals to Desai to Lift Monkey Export Ban
Neutron Radiation Experiments to Continue
Bangla Desh to Export Rhesus
Protection Proposed for Bangla Desh Rhesus
Island Primates in Trouble
Controversy Over Monkey Maimings
Cynomolgus Monkeys Enrich Charles River Stockholders
Proposed Delisting of Three Primate Species
Baboons Killed
Chimpanzee Experts Meet
Endangered Species Permit Applications for Chimpanzees
Laboratories Refuse to Perform Dangerous Surgery on Chimpanzees
Sierra Leone Wildlife Laws
Reprieved Chimpanzee Doing Well
Customs Officers Seize Monkeys
Tarsier Drawing
IPPL Officials

1978: April
Golden Lion Marmoset, rarest primates
India Bans Export of Rhesus Monkeys
The Radiation Experiments On Monkeys
Bangla Desh to Export Monkeys
Primates Killed in World Wildlife Fund Project
Gibbon Colony Proposed for Malaysia
New Membership Fees
Baboons to be Killed in Car Crash Experiments
Merck Sharp and Dohme Applies to Import 125 Chimpanzees
IPPL Newsletter Banned from Current Primate References
Chimpanzee Heart Transplant Controversy
Hoolock Destroyed
New York Primate Import Declarations for 1976
New Law in Netherlands
Frostbitten Monkeys at Chico’s
Profiteering in the Monkey Business
High Mortality at Washington Primate Center
Several Primate Centers Not Accredited
Comments Sought on National Primate Plan
Circus Sideshow Operator Arrested in Three States
Black and Ring-tail Lemurs Determined to Have Captive Self-Sustaining Populations
Good News from Kenya
San Diego Zoo Sold a Sexually Incompetent Gibbon for Breeding
Pygmy Chimpanzee Developments
New Book by IPPL Officers
Mistreatment of Primates at Louisville Zoo Alleged by Employees
IPPL Officials

1977: December SPECIAL REPORT Zoo Primate Babies of 1977

1977: September
IPPL Obtains Miami Import Declarations
The Saga of the Delta Tamarins
Arashiyama West: A Status Report
Indian Monkey Census
Letter to the Editor
Book Review
Siamang and Gibbon Mortality at National Zoo
New Society Meets
Monkeys Killed in Neutron Bomb Testing
Attempt to Transplant Baboon Heart Fails
New Regulations for Shipping Primates
State Department Role in Pygmy Chimpanzee Project
Supreme Court Declares Academy Private
More on Gibbon Procurement Contact
The Primate Chair
Monkey and Cocaine
Zookeeper Found Guilty of Negligence
Recommended Reading
Colobus Monkey Fur Rugs
Gorillas imported to the U.S. Without Permits
No Action Against Loris Smuggler
Stockpiling of Cottontop Marmosets Confirmed
IPPL Locates Home for Gibbon
Primates and Polio Vaccine
Caging Standards to be Revised
San Antonio Zoo Destroys Two Endangered Drills
News from Italy
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Report
Navy Plans Continued Use of Endangered Macaque
Mouse Lemur
Banded Leaf Monkey
IPPL Officials

1977: February
IPPL Uncovers Military Involvement in Pygmy Chimpanzee Project
IPPL Objections
Practical Considerations
Academic Considerations
Legal Considerations
Ethical Considerations
What to Do
Contributions Sought for IPPL Freedom of Information Fund
The NIH Connection
Rangers Killed in Thai Park
Convention News
Help Save Thailand’s Khao Yai Park
Dr. Mohnot Calls for Moratorium on Rhesus Export
Bangla Desh to Export Monkeys
IPPL “Hot Line”
Reprints Available
Next IPPL Newsletter
New Guidelines on Primate Use
Monkeys and Cocaine
Noble Prize for Kuru Research
“Simian” Refuses Bronson Advertising
IPPL Investigator Finds Over 1000 Colobus Monkey Skins in Nairobi Tourist Shops
“Monitor” Opposes San Diego Zoo Application to Import Proboscis Monkeys
A Man-Gorilla Hybrid?
Stockpiling of Chimpanzees and Cottontop Marmosets Precedes Their Addition to US Endangered List
Singapore Tightens Wildlife Controls
Shuttleworth Questions Navy About Research on Taiwan Macaque
Primates and Alternatives to Laboratory Animals
Contract for 30 Gibbons Not Filled
New Society Formed
Two Wasted Lives-Chimp named McGillan & Gorilla named Angel
Animal Welfare Year
IPPL Officials

1976: December SPECIAL REPORT Chimpanzee Rehabilitation
Environmental Adaptation
Maternal Care
Emotional Independence
IPPL Officials

1976: September
Twenty-eight Primate Species Proposed for US Endangered List
More Snake-Box Smuggling
Singapore Connection Update
Zoos and Surplus Primates
Sale Blocked
A Zoo with a Policy
The Chimpanzee and Kuru
In Short
News from Gombe Stream Research Center
Thailand Bans Primate Export
Guyana Bans Wildlife Export
From the Indian Press
Primates Accidentally Poisoned in Canada
Orangutans Imported to Canada
Colobus Deaths at Toronto Zoo
Primate Losses at Madrid Zoo
Frank Thompson Nominated for AAZPA Ethics Committee
Conference in Lima
Chico’s Monkey Farm
IPPL and the Habitat

1976: March
The Hall’s Island Gibbon Project
Principal Investigators
Gibbon Shipments
Introduction of Gibbons on Hall’s Island
Death of Gibbons on Hall’s Island
Concern Over the Quality of Research
Funding for the Hall’s Island Project
Endorsement of the Project
Project Safe Haven
Pygmy Chimpanzee Situation
A Conservation or Medical Project
Capture by Netting
Legal Export
Embassy Role
Official Response to Petition
Project Receives Support
IPPL Reaffirms Support for Petition
Recommended Reading
City Monkeys Moved
Endangered Species Convention
More on the “Singapore Connection”
More on the “Singapore Connection”
No Statistics in Singapore
US Import Statistics
Singapore Dealers
US Dealers
US Government Attitude
IPPL Investigation in Singapore
IPPL Visit to Singapore Dealers
Legality of Shipments
Action Requested
Thai Students Protest to Airlines
The Squeaking Tortoises
IPPL Counters Criticism
This Months Award
More on “Gibbongate”
Events in Canada Thailand Requests Canadian Assistance”
New Evidence
Lufthansa’s Threat
Gibbons Spared
Preliminary Notice November Symposium on Monkeys, Apes, and People
IPPL Officials

1975: October
Pygmy Chimp’s Tragic Debut at Yerkes
The Singapore Connection
Endangered Species Permits for Primates
Lemur Permits
Orangutan Permits
Gorilla Permits
Pileated Gibbon Permit
Douc Langur Permits
Gibbongate Report
Three Shipments
Thailand Export Regulations
IPPL Requests Investigation
IPPL’S Investigation
Thai Department of Livestock Development
Thai Customs
Thai Foreign Trade Department
American Embassy Enquiry
Mr. Pong’s Reply
Interior Drops Case
The Davis Aggie Report
US Embassy in Bangkok Comments
Pong Leng-ee’s Comments
Prosecution Problems
IPPL Network Expands
IPPL Comments
Chimpanzee Collecting in Liberia
Project Bangkok Airport
Reader’s Comments
This Month’s Award
Alternatives to Primates
Save a Monkey’s Life
Did you know?
US Army Gibbon Laboratory to Close Down
IPPL Officials

1975: May
Marmosets Returned to Jungle
To Cull or Not to Cull
Taiwan Orangs (Orangutan)
Full Text of Plea to Save the Stumptail Macaque
Movie “Primate”
Follow up on Gibbon Case
Nonhuman or Subhuman
IPPL Appeal Ignored
Meet the Artist
Stranger Than Fiction
This Months Award
IPPL Opposes New Regulations
Attention Stockholders
Poisoning Primates
Whatever Happened to the Holloman Chimps
Whatever Happened to the Holloman Gorillas
Picture of dead monkeys & apes
IPPL Officials
Stumptail Macaque

1975: April
More on Illegal Gibbon Traffic
News Flash: Smuggled Orangs Traced (Orangutan)
The RSPCA Hostel in London: A Model for the USA?
Report on IPPL Leader Shirley McGreal’s World Tour
IPPL Network Strengthened
The Singapore Connection
IPPL Urges Ban on Shipment of Unweaned Primates
This Month’s Award
This Month’s Award
Information Wanted
Sale of Gibbons
Attention Veterinarians
Colin Groves Joins IPPL Advisory Board
Book Review
The Use of Primates in Trauma Studies
The Vanishing Stump tail
IPPL Officials

1974: November
Mystery of the Lorises in the Cobra Sack
Conditions for Primates in Vietnam
IPPL Award for Outstanding Research
Help Wanted
News from Thailand
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Meet Charles Shuttleworth
Membership Dues to Rise
Illegal Traffic in Gibbons
Ferocious Beasts
Zoo Project-Enforcing No-Feeding Policy
IPPL Presents Paper for IPS Congress
IPPL Staff

1974: June
Status of Pileated Gibbon
Pattaya Hotel Gibbons
Pattaya Zoo
Nagoya Conference
Nature Project at Khao Chong
Working Monkeys
Spreading Primate Consciousness
Help Wanted
Thung Song

1974: May
Drawing of a macaque – Front Cover
Urgent – Page 2
How You Can Help – Page 6
Meet our Field Representative – Page 6
Notes from the Field – Page 7
IPPL Officials – Back Cover


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