1989: December
Ariel view of hurricane Hugo
IPPL Survives Hurricane Hugo
Help Needed
Chimpanzees in Danger
Madrid Way-Station for Chimpanzee Shipment
Update on Mexican Gorillas
Children’s Book Available Through IPPL
Bangkok Governor Comments on Weekend Market
Mystery of The Disappearing Gibbons
Gibbon Heads on Sale at Bangkok Market
Meet IPPL’S Team at CITES
Elephant Issue Dominates CITES Conference
The CITES Infractions Report
The Friends
Baby Chimpanzee Born With Aids Virus
African Children Petition Against Chimp Aids Research
Petition to Save the Yakushima Macaque
Letters Bring Results
Update on Hotel Chimpanzees
Demonstrators Protest at Zoo Meeting
AMA’s Plan to Destroy the Animal Protection Movement
Orangutans Mistreated in Las Vegas Show
Schoolchildren Run for Gorillas
Recommended Reading
Rare Tamarin Returned to Brazil
News in Brief
Enormous Primate Center in China
Indonesian Dealer’s Pricelist
Zoo Director Denounces Animal Activists
Ecology Funding
Strange Gorilla Goings-on
Army Investigating Zaire Primate Killing
Nominations Sought for Marchig Award
Society for the Protection of Animals
Smugglers Foiled
Origin of Stirling Tamarins
Japan Answers IPPL Members
Another Dreadful Facility in Thailand
Monkeys Relocated
Sorry, Tober
Successful Fund-Raiser
IPPL Officials

1989: August
Lowland Gorilla
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
Two Gorillas Arrive at Mexican Zoo
Late News From Mexico
Stirling Statement on Cottontop Tamarins
Update on the Polish Connection
Developments in Poland
IPPL Contacts Zoos of the World
IPPL Contacts Czechoslovakian Zoos
International Union of Directors of Zoological Gardens
Thai Airways
The Problem of Fraudulent Captive Births
Update: Letters Needed
Eastern European Zoos
“Project Penis” Defended
News From Uganda
The Publication Explosion
Chimpanzee Upgrading
Two New Safari Parks to Open
Primates Smuggled from Nigeria
Monkeys Rescued at Airport
IPPL Contributes T-Shirts to Nigeria
Chimpanzee Problems in Rwanda
Primate Killing In Africa
Controversy Over Japanese Gorilla Importation
Lorises Smuggled from Thailand to Japan
West German Dealer’s Price List
Housing Regulations for Primates Proposed
Brazil Nut and Cupuacu Ice Cream to Become Available
The Generous Poor
Good-Bye to Reginald Hardy and an update on his battle with USAID
Mannheimer Foundation Sued
Update on the Silver Spring Monkeys
Primate Center Body Counts for 1988
“The Exotic Connection”
Death in a Monkey Lab
News from Cuba
IPPL Display at Summerville Azalea Festival
Hong Kong Takes Steps to Protect Monkeys
Ad Enrages Child
New Foundation Formed
News in Brief
Conference Planned
Students Work to Improve Delhi Zoo
If Your Animal Work Makes You Unpopular, read this poem!
Epidemic Kills Hundred of Monkeys
Strange Project
Texas Snake Farm a Mess
Chimp For Sale in Muscat Pet Shop
Bad Conditions in Tunisian Zoos
Rodger Fouts Honored
Monkey Funeral In India
IPPL Officials

1989: March
Douc langur
The “Polish Connection”
How You Can Help End “The Polish Connection”
Prince Philip Expresses Concern Over “The Polish Connection”
A Letter From Poland
Animals Starve at Teheran Zoo
Forss Moves to Malaysia
Immuno’s New York Lawsuit Dismissed
IPPL Thanks Friends of the Court
Why IPPL’s Insurer Capitulated
Slama Acquitted
Thanks From the Digit Fund
Belizeans Conserve Their Howler Monkeys
Detroit Zoo Plans Chimpanzee Importation
Surplus Monkeys at Japanese Primate Center
Hong Kong Monkeys Face Problems
IPPL Advisor’s Unique Sanctuary
Chimps to Be Half-Upgraded?
Silver Spring Monkeys Reprieved
Fay Brisk Dies
Martha Macaque Killed
Monkeys Die at Technology Institute
Gorilla and Chimpanzee Poaching in Uganda
More News From Uganda
A Visit to Chimpfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
Monkey Dealer Convicted of Drug Smuggling
German Press Picks Up Sensen Story
Loris Skins For Sale
IPPL – Ten and Fifteen Years Ago
News in Brief
Recommended Reading
Congratulations to Sahabat Alam Malaysia
“Sam” and “Mosha” Doing Well
Not Just Primates
San Francisco Zoo Director Quits
Retirement Plan for Aids Chimps
IPPL Officials

1988: December
The Death of Digit
A Visit to the IPPL Gibbon Sanctuary
Good-bye to Jozi Gorilla
A Gorilla in the Mist
The Death of Jozi Gorilla
Wanted: Digit Poster
Meet Nini: A Special Chimpanzee
African Schoolchildren Speak up for Chimpanzees
Mauritius Monkey Face Bleak Future
Exotic Animal Auctions
Victims of Harassment Lawsuit Win Millions
Primate Space Lab Proposed
IPPL Patron Dies
Dr. Mohnot Receives Awards
Lowland Gorilla Problems
Why Gorillas Should not be Exported from Africa
Malaria Research Scandal
Squirrel Monkeys for Sale
Forbes Pays $220,000 for Picture, Gives $1,000 for Gibbon
Yerkes Researches Embark on “Project Penis”
Yerkes Director Denounces Research Critics
US and USSR Plan Joint AIDS Research
Top Scientist Says Chimps no Use in AIDS Research
Air Force Experiments on Primates
Recommended Reading
IPPL Officials

1988: August
Shirley accepting Marchig Award
Shirley McGreal Wins Marching Award
Madame Jeanne Marchig’s Speech on Presenting the Marchig Award to Shirley McGreal
Chimp Lab Planned for China
Elizabeth Taylor Gets Pet Gibbon
San Francisco Zoo Breaks Up Orangutan Couple
Attention – Canadian Members
Primates in Roadside Zoo go to Sanctuary
IPPL Loses a Friend
IPPL Checks Cuban Zoos
Vendetta Against California Animal Shelter
Humane Shipment Lawsuit
Smuggled Mandrills Sent to Zoo
Monkey Trafficker Caught in Cocaine Bust
“The Revolving Door”
Bowden Questions Whether Primates Need Exercise and Intellectual Stimulation
A Chilling Flurry of Lawsuits
Monkey Head Transplanter Picketed
IPPL Member’s Bolivia Protest Produces Information
“I Should Of Punched Her in the Mouth!”
Female Gorilla Joins New Group
Dian Fossey’s Letter to IPPL, Part 2
News in Brief
Electric Crematories Being Built in India
Mali Fights Deforestation by Regulating Stoves
Amerindians Not Won Over by Coca Cola and Barbecue
Amerindians Fight for Amazonia
Monkeys Attack Garden Visitors
Chimpanzee Bodies Found Near Albuquerque Airport
New National Park Established in Madagascar
Indians Rally to Protect Animals
TB in Zoo Primates
Artificial Mouth Will Save Primates Lives
IPPL Officials

1988: April
Golden Monkeys
Dian Fossey’s Letters to IPPL – Part 1
Sensen to be Prosecuted
“Reformed” Japanese Animal Dealer Offers Endangered Primates For Sale
Young Ugandans Want Pen-Pals
Dian Fossey’s Parents Get Her Money: Gorillas Get Nothing
Environment Minister of Sarwak Owns A Logging Company
Secret Memo Made Public
Appalling Conditions in Split Zoo
IUCN General Assembly Held in Costa Rica
Ten Cheers for Silvana and Judith!
Meet “Microbe”
Cruelty in Filming of TV Commercial
Silver Spring Monkeys Doing Well at San Diego Zoo
NIH Holds Chimpanzee Briefing
Primates in Pain
Aspinall Speaks Up For Yvette Leroy
Gibbon Rehabilitation in Borneo
Thanks from Dave and Sheila Siddle
State Department Helps Animal Dealer Escape Bolivian Law
Gorillas Found in Nigeria
Thai Smuggler Released from Laotian Jail
Tiwai Island Project
Iqbal Malik Rescues Trapped Monkeys
Spain Trafficking Gorillas
News in Brief
Alfie’s Escape
London Zoo Hires Entertainment Director
Update on “Tyrone the Terrible”
Activists’ Retreat
Update on “Project X” Cruelty Investigation
Exotic Animal Auction
US Wildlife Inspector Indicted for Bribery
Goodall versus Gallo
Monkey Catcher Unpopular in India, Can’t Find Wife
IPPL Officials

1987: November
David Siddle of Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage with Chimpanzee Friends
A Life Worth Saving
A Visit With Sheila and David Siddle and Their Sixteen Chimpanzees
Case Histories of Chimpanzees Presently Located at Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
Let’s Help the Chimpanzees of Chimfunshi
IPPL Member Enjoys Earthwatch Experience in Borneo
Gruesome Patent
The Impenetrable Forest – Refuge for the Mountain Gorilla
Listing of Training Opportunities for Habitat-Country Primatologist
The Greater Carajas Program
Update on the Cameroun Gorilla Shipment
New Gorilla Connection?
Aids Blamed on Primate Trade
One Theory About the Origin of the AIDS Virus
British Doctor Blames AIDS on Scientists
IPPL Represented at CITES Conference
Thai Animal Smuggler Jailed in Laos
Illegal Baboon Trading
Chimpanzee News From Japan
Thai Villagers Challenge Loggers and Hired Gunmen
Leonard Williams Dies
IPPL Loses Good Friends
Comments on Primate Organ Transplants
Jolene Marion Comments on New York Monkey Escape
Mannheimer Foundation Makes Deal with Dealer
Indonesian Biologist Calls for Restrictions on Monkey Exports
Primate Alcohol Studies A Physician’s Perspective
News in Brief
Beach Chimpanzees Seen in Israel
New Chimpanzee Connection
Pneumonia Strikes Gibraltar Monkeys
Zairean Animal Dealer Offers Chimpanzees and Gorillas
Proboscis Monkey Threatened by Mangrove Clearing
Another Victory for Michigan Coalition for Animals
Asinine Stunt
Monkeys Escape in Moscow Airport
Five Silver Spring Monkeys Reach San Diego Zoo
Monkey Escapes Alcohol Study!
Monkey Disease Kill Second Lab Worker
Tissue Cultures for Toxin Testing
Monkey Champion Transferred
Mwelu Gorilla Helped by Human Friends
Monkey Champion Transferred
Barker Stands up for Primates
Nicaragua Cancels Logging Project
IPPL Officials

1987: July
Slender Loris
Update on the Cameroun Gorilla Shipment
The Making of a Gorilla Deal
How You Can Help End The Gorilla Trade
Message to IPPL Members From Clark Bavin, Chief, Division of Law Enforcement, US Fish and Wildlife Service
World Health Organization Director-General Reaffirms Primate Policy Statement
Affidavits Praise and Condemn IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Movie Chimps Live in Poor Conditions
Indian Zoos Today
The Gorilla Lady of Brazzaville
Primates Seized at Paris Airport
Japanese Monkey: On The Way to Extinction
Demonstration At Detroit Zoo
The Dian Fossey Movie
Death of A Gorilla
Cambridge Ban on Commercial Experiments
News In Brief
Barbary Macaque Reintroductions
Borneo Blockade
Uganda Project Under Way
Summit for Animals Held in Charleston
The Independent Sector
Scientists Call for Production of Premature Primates
Football Forecasting Gorilla Moved
Monkey Faces Transplanted
IPPL Obtains NIH Security Memo!
Escaped Chimpanzee Shot
Grants for Field Research Available
Vatican Condemns Ape-Man Research
Another Traumatized Chimpanzee
Lab Secrecy Increase
Attention: Michigan Activists
Update on Impi
IPPL Officials

1987: March
Dusky Leaf Monkeys, Minnesota Zoo
World Bank Protest
News from Japan
Gorillas Exported From Cameroun
Anatomy Of A Gorilla Shipment
Remembering Fay King
A Visit to Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary
African Customs Officer Trades Chimpanzees
Chimpanzee Proposed for Liver Transplants
Singapore Joins Endangered Species Convention
The Sad Plight of Petey the Baboon
Announcement of Conservation Scholarship Program
How Circus Chimps are Trained
Zoos in India
A Cruel Incident in Taiwan
A Visit to the Wild Orangutans
New Car Crash Dummy
Bolivian Monkey Export Ban in Effect
Emmanuel Rwelekana: An Obituary
British Monkey Dealer Fined
Graham Defends Euthanasia of Healthy Animals
News From France
Baboons Rescued
Chimpanzee Shot
Problems at Monkey Mountain
Historic Note
News in Brief
An Animal Trafficker’s Ethics
Surplus Property!
Baboons Die in “Fat” Experiment
Bonobos Arrive at Milwaukee Zoo
The “Brazzaville Five”
Chimpanzee Heart Transplants Proposed
Dealer Raided
Silver Spring Monkey Dies
Monkey Heads For Sale
Immuno Sues Again
Chimpanzee Breeding Contracts Awarded
IPPL Joins Independent Sector
Members Protest Chimpanzee Act at Wildlife Park
Monkey Mugged
Monkey Fur Coats
Earthquake Destroys Colombian Primate Facility
Coconut-Picking Monkeys Hard to Retrain
Monkey Release in Malaysia
Information Requested
Actor Takes Marmosets Out of Brazil in His Pockets
Gorilla Protects Child
IPPL Officials

1986: December SPECIAL REPORT Drawing of Gorillas
His Name Was Digit
IPPL Officials

1986: August
Japanese Monkeys
Problems of Japanese Laboratory Primates
Letter From Dr. Toshio Asano to Shirley McGreal
Illustrations From Japanese Car-Crash Articles
Japanese Protest
Other Japanese Laboratories
News From the Philippines
Situation at the Karisoke Research Center June, 1986
Primates Leave Bolivia Despite Ban
Comments on the Chimpanzee Management Plan
William French Smith Presents Monitor Awards
Book Review
Dam Newsletter Started
Rubber Tapper Speaks
Boycott Mahogany, Ebony and Teak!
Incredible Memo
Madagascar-Paradise in Smoke
Reynolds Opposes Zoo Loans
News in Brief
World’s Population Reaches Five Billion
Earth First!
Thailand to Control Shopping Mall Zoos
Chinese Officials Accused of Poaching
Monkeys Freeze to Death
Zoo Outreach Group Formed in India
Swiss Reject Ban on Animal Experiments
Secret Memo Leaked
Research Suspended
Shirley McGreal Testifies
Placenta Useful for Surgical Training
Capuchin Monkey Escapes
Monkeys Attack Politician
Barbados Primate Center
Chimpanzee Project Formed
Lawsuit Settled Out Of Court
Baboons Relocated
Poisoning African Game Parks
IPPL Officials

1986: April
Dian Fossey with gorilla
The Death of Dian Fossey
Rwandan Tribute to Dian Fossey
She Loved Gorillas and Mountains
Dedication, Courage, and Love
Stop Press
Memories of Dian
A Tribute From Melissa Panger
A Tribute From Japan
National Geographic Society Mourns Fossey’s Death
The Boot Story
A Tribute From India
IPPL Officer Refutes Attack on Dian Fossey
From Dian With Love
His Name Was Digit
IPPL Officials

1985: December
White-cheeked Gibbon Family
A New National Park in Sierra Leone
History of Primate Conservation in Sierra Leone
Campaign to Free Roizin Monkeys
News From Belgium
Primate Center Body Counts for 1984
Body Counts for Primate Center Research Colonies
Vietnam’s Forests Disappearing
Tabloid Tells Bizarre Gorilla Tale: Groves Replies!
The Dark Face of Science
One Chimp Dies: One Lives
Letters Needed
The Mahale Mountains Declared A National Park
The Monkeys of Kowloon
Escaped Patas Monkeys Captured
Pope Gets Monkey Rug and Elephant Tusk
Letters Needed
Thailand’s Parks: Protected Areas or Shooting Galleries?
Dealer and Shipper Warned
Missing Monkeys
Miserable Cage Sizes for Primates to Continue
News in Brief
Policeman Shoots Chimpanzee
Gentle Jungle Closed Down
“People First” Says Zoo Director
Escaped Chimps Shot
Chinese Monkeys to Visit Minnesota
Why Baby Fae Died
Revolting Restaurant
China Urges Cremation
Recommended Reading
More News in Brief
Performing Monkey on Monterey Pier
IPPL Chairwoman “Honored”
Primates at Crocodile Farm
Another Miserable Zoo
TB Outbreak Reported at Peking Zoo
IPPL Officials

1985: August
Emperor Tamarin
British Cruelty Conviction Upheld
Thailand’s Mall of Misery
Bolivia to Re-Enter Monkey Trade
Monkeys Go Into Space
Morarji Desai Speaks on Export Ban
Zoo-Lab Links
Alika Lindbergh Battles Pet Dealers
Necessary Fuss
How Injuries are Produced
The Videotapes
Audience Reaction
Experimenters Laugh at Injured Monkeys
Pain Ignored
The Penn Helmet
Repeat Injuries to Some Baboons
Taub Trial
Why Trauma Experiments are Funded
Gennarelli’s Defense
Self-Perpetuating Projects
Laboratory Variables
Waste of Baboon Lives
Alternatives to Injuring Animals
How You Can Obtain Head Injury Videotape
Abby and Ann at Odds
Sub-Standard Conditions at Penn Labs
IPPL Chairwoman Addresses Students
Primate Questions in Two Parliaments
Animal Liberation Front Rescues Monkey
Gibbon-Killer Named Head of Primate Centers Program
Proboscis Monkey Project for Sabah
Chimp Lab Proposed for South Africa
French Monkey Forest Draws Praise
Singapore Zoo: Death Trap for Gorillas?
Zoo Ignored IPPL Warning
News in Brief
Soviet Union Won’t Pay
Monkeys Outwit Thai Officials
Mistreatment of Monkeys in Morocco
Pro-Primate Activities
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio
Palo Alto, California
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York, New York
Cleveland, Ohio
Davis, California
Berkeley, California
Vancouver, Canada
IPPL Officials

1985: April
Ruffed Lemur Quadruplets
British Monkey Trial
A Visit With The Beach Chimps
Animal Welfare Act In Jeopardy
IPPL Represented in IUCN Meeting in Madrid
Good News From Malaysia
Fourth Gorilla Dies at Singapore Zoo
Endangered Species Convention
“Mein Chimps”
Zoo-Keeper Convicted
News From China
Monkey Pet Trade Bounces Back
Comments on “Monkeys Unlimited”
Perrine Primate Center to Close
Circus Chimps Reach Florida Sanctuary
Primates Lose A Friend
History of Indian Monkey Export Ban Rewritten
Supreme Court Supports Bangladesh
Norfolk Zoo Plans to Get Rid of Chimpanzees
Baboons Stranded
Tree Project
Surgeon’s Secret Letter
Letter to the Editor
Please, Please, Please
News in Brief
Chimpanzees Die in Fire
IPPL Represented at Animal Summit Meeting
Israeli Experimenters “Up In Arms”
Cutback in Research Funding
Recommended Reading
Lifeforce Files Charges
Space Monkey Dies
Gorilla and Pygmy Chimpanzee in Thai Menagerie
Toreador Chimpanzees
IPPL Listed as “Top Wildlife Group”
IPPL Officials

1984: December
Iqbal Malik and Friends
IPPL Opposes Tamarin-Killing Application
Zoo Fights for Chinese Animals
The Monkeys of Tughlaquabad
Result of Gorilla Poll
Circus Chimps Remain in Laboratory
Protest at Rosemont Horizon Stadium
Illegal Traffic in Chimpanzees
News in Brief
Revolting Publication
Performing Orangutan at Humane Meeting
Three Gorillas Die: Zoo Seeks More
What’s Your Diagnosis?
Berkeley Fined: Fine Returned
Milwaukee Gorillas Sees Sunshine After 20 Years
Lifeforce Starts Campaign Against Cruelty to Baboons
Monkeys Released in Bolivia
Where is Melvin?
Canadian Government Agency’s Secret Plan to Defend Animal Research
Primate Smuggling to Japan
Update on Gennarelli Lab Raid
Baboon’s Heart Transplanted into Human Baby
Stop Press
IPPL Officials

1984: August
Caged Chimpanzee
The Tragic Plight of Unwanted Chimpanzees
Recommended Reading
Gorillas Leave Africa for Netherlands
IPPL Officer Wins Getty Prize
Truths or Lies?
Zoo Refuses Help for Gorillas
What Do You Think?
Antwerp Zoo Gorilla
Fay Brisk’s Senate Testimony
The Mannheimer Primatological Foundation
Primate Research in Australia
Florida’s Wild Monkeys in Danger
Exotic Animal Auction in Georgia
Millionaire Seeks Tax Break on Ape Donation
New Primate Research Center Opens
Beau, Captain and Martha: Did They Die in Vain?
Bangladesh Victory
Head Injury Laboratory Raided
News in Brief
Monkeys for Laser Studies
Bolivia Bans Monkeys Exports
Second Gibbon Dies
Monkeys Stress Researcher Dies of Stress
Malaysian Export Ban Implemented
Thirstier Monkeys Easier to Sell
Baboon Escapes
Brazilian Dam Threatens Primate
Fetus Friend Won’t Help Chimpanzees
Primates for Insecticide Testing?
Guinea to Export Chimpanzees?
Taub Loses Grant Appeal
Lemurs “Rescued”
Forest Fire in Borneo
IPPL Officials

1984: April
Aira Gorilla
US Zoos Apply to Import Gorillas
The Gorilla Permit Applications
State Department Helps Dealers
Granby Zoo Receives Cameroonian Gorilla
Zira Welcomed as Granby’s Newest Attraction
Strange Goings-On at Polish Zoo
Comments on Gorilla Permit Applications
Dian Fossey Denounces Gorilla Trades
Letters From The Gabon
Life-force Opens New Campaign
The Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Recommended Reading
Presidential Investigation in Zaire
Cruelty to Primates at South Carolina Zoo
Animals Lose Out
Thanks From Bangladesh
The Pet Industry Party for Cites
How You Can Help The Gorillas
News in Brief
Baboons Die in Texas Cold
IPPL Testifies Before MA Legislature
Dogs and Cats Saved, Monkeys May Die
Monkeys Saved
Update on Beau and Captain
Stupid Stunt
The Truth About Eric Orangutan
IPPL Officials

1983: December
Shirley and Runi, Okko Reussien, Jane Goodall Gimble, Alika Lindbergh
Greetings From William George, MD, USA
A Message from Jane Goodall, Tanzania
“Our Cause Was Noble” S.M. Mohnot, India
The Story of IPPL’s First Decade, 1973-1983
Thai Students’ Reaction to Wildlife Trade
Introduction to IPPL Officers
Advisory Board
Field Representatives
IPPL Officers

1983: August
Hanuman Langur
The Lion-Tailed Macaques of South India
Pygmy Chimpanzees Found in Belgian Basement
Update on Spanish Beach Chimpanzees
Sierra Leone Chimpanzees Threatened
Taub Gets Grant
A Boy and His Monkey
Mystery Foundation Sells Primates for Research
Orangutans Exploited in Taiwan
IPPL Represented at Endangered Species Conference
Wisconsin Center Policy Statement
IPPL Testifies for Primates
Mobilization A Success
Monkey “Aids”
Group Protests Monkey Trauma Studies
Beau And Captain
Update on the Barnard Chimpanzees
News in Brief
Jane Goodall Speaks Out
Bill McGrew Speaks Out
Computer Replaces Monkeys
Florida Monkeys “Environmental Menace”
Smuggling Art and Wildlife
Dam Project Blocked
Draft Convention on Protection of Animals
World Nature Charter
Brain Injury Studies in Britain
Pharmaceutical Manufactures Call for Less Animal Use
Primates Parts Available
Swiss Referendum Due
New Primate Book Available
IPPL Officials

1983: April
I want you at the mobilization 24, April 1983 Arun Rangsi
Mobilization for Animals Targets Primate Centers
Mobilization for Animals Demonstrations
A Primate Center Director Speaks
Bangladesh Lawsuits
Update on Arun Rangsi
News in Brief
IPPL Members Save Baboon
Ham Dies
Nim and Ally
“Charming Chimp” Injures Attendant
Low-Stress Animal Housing
More Monkeys for Defense
Action Alert
Wright-Patterson Cover-Up
Detroit Zoo Sends Primates to Their Deaths
Malaysian Group Seeks Zoo Improvements
Update on Taub Case
News of Chimpanzee Project
IPPL Officials

1982: November
Woolly Monkey
A Home Away From Home
Storm Over Nim And Ally
Confiscated Baboon Sent to Primate Center
Chimpanzees Killed in Head Injury Studies
Follow-Up On Fort Detrick Monkeys
News in Brief
Discord Mars International Primatological Society Meeting
Dispute Over Monkey Island Plans
Bangladesh Monkeys Dispute Makes Lawyers Rich
Book Review
Children of the Gods
Man the Predator
Malaysian Group Calls For Monkey Export Ban
Japanese Ape Imports
Mystery Case No. 13
IPPL Officials

1982: May
Slow Loris
Senator Packwood come to aid of monkey business
Monkey dealer agreeable to trade ban mediation
Polio vaccine maker denies supply problem
71,500 Monkeys’ Lives in Danger
State Department Intrigue Against Bangladesh Monkeys
Arun Rangsi Doing Well
Chimpanzee Project on Television
Primates Used to Study Biological Warfare Agents
Fort Detrick Autopsy Reports
Grants A Way of Life
Mentawai Island Primates Face Problems
Primate Steering Committee Meddling in Europe Convention
News in Brief
Madagascar Trip
Smuggled Chimps Returned to Africa
Monkeys Killed at Oregon Primate Center
The One That Got Away
Conference Passes Primate Resolutions
Primate Conference In Atlanta
New National Park in Brazil
Update on Silver Spring Monkeys
Singapore Airport to Have Animal Shelter
Disposal of Dead Primates
Lacey Act Amendments
Endangered Species Act Reauthorization
Breeding Program in Brazil
Monkeys and Snakes
IPPL Officials

1982: January
Arun Rangsi
The Rebirth of Arun Rangsi
Primates Suffer On Bangkok’s Infamous Sunday Market
Gorillas Imported to France
Zoo Babies of 1981
Seventeen Monkeys Seized in Raid on Laboratory
What Do You Think
Taub’s Reaction to Raid
Taub Loses Grant
What You Can Do About the IBR Scandal
Past Criticism of Taub
Institute for Behavioral Research Monkey Laboratory
IPPL Officials

1981: Reprint MONKEYS GO TO WAR

1981: September
Who Starts Campaign to Re-Open Primate Trade
Hong Kong Dealers Offers Chinese Rhesus Monkeys for Sale
Kenya Bans Primate Exports
The Death of a Chimpanzee
Gorilla Hunt Advertised
H.R. 556 Hearings
Japanese Imports of Smuggled Gibbons
320 Vervets and Baboons Die in Shipment
Recommended Reading
Planning a Move?
Primates Kept in Unsanitary Conditions at Vanderbilt University
IPPL to be Represented in France
Chimpanzee Center of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit
Chimpanzee Mutilation at Holloman
Animal Protection Conference Announced
United States to Step Up Chemical Warfare Experiments on Primates
Primates Used at Letterman Army Institute of Research
Chimpanzee Stolen
Suomi Denounces Harlow Techniques
News From Canada
News From the Gambia
1979 Philippine Monkey Imports to USA
IPPL Officials

1981: May
Black and white Colobus monkeys
Kenya’s Primate Center
Peruvian Primate Project Example to Emulate or Fiasco to Avoid?
Convention Parties Meet
IPPL Teams Check Crates at Brussels Airport
US Tries to Force Bangladesh to Export Monkeys
Chimpanzee Project T-Shirts Available
IPPL Works to Curtail Wildlife Smuggling
Demonstrators Picket Thurmond’s Office
Research Modernization Act Introduced
Gibbons Poisoned by Insecticide
Gibbon Eaten by Python
Monkey Depression Experiments at University of Wisconsin
Freddie’s Story
IPPL Officials

1981: January
“Clark”, Barbary macaque born 11 August 1980 at the Bronx Zoo
Free Again
IPPL Uncovers High Shipments Mortality of Vervet Monkeys
Primate Babies of 1980
Publications of Interest
Successful Relocation of the Arashiyama West Japanese’s Monkeys
Space Chimp Moves to NC zoo
IPPL Officials

1980: October
Drawing of Leaf-monkey and child
Massive Shipment Mortality of Tree-Shrews
US Government Enters “Monkey Business”
Mahale Mountains National Park Proposal
A Tale of Twenty Leaf-Monkeys
Belgium Continues to Import Smuggled Primates
Primate Steering Committee Official Opposes Anti-Smuggling Resolution
Student Membership Dues to Rise
The Beach Chimp Trade in Spain
Book Review
IPPL Uncovers Use of Primates in Chemical Warfare Experiments
Trophy Hunting of Primates
Island Monkeys in Danger
The Gorilla and Its Survival in Gabon
Where There’s A Will
IPPL Officials

1980: June
Stella Brewer and Chimp
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation, Why and How?
Thai Dealer Offers Protected Animals For Sale
Wildlife Conservation Bill Introduced to US Congress
Air Force Cover-Up of Brooks Air Force Experiments
Value of Nuclear Radiation Experiments on Primates Questioned
Primatarium Opens on 1 July
University of California Seeks Permit to Kill Gibbons
New Exhibition Habitat for Gorillas
Japanese Monkey Troop Saved
Portrait of Lucy
Operation Monkey Release
Bizarre Sex Experiments Continue at Yerkes Primate Center
News From Sierra Leone
Controversy Over Bushbaby Experiments
British Parliaments Debates Animal Experimentation
IPPL Officials

1980: March
Baby White-handed Gibbons
IPPL Plans Legal Action to Protect Laboratory Gibbons
Origin of Comparative Oncology Laboratory Gibbons
Japanese Monkeys Need Help
Care, Concern, and Compassion Not Required
Monkey Smuggling
Monkeys Killed with Weed-Killer
Psychologist Criticizes Cruelty to Primates at Brooks Air Force Base
Notes on the Proboscis Monkey
Indonesia Places Temporary Embargo on Primate Exports
Ape Research Center Opens in Gabon
Monkeys Not Needed for Testing of Inactivated Polio Vaccine
The Green Indonesia Foundation
News of Mountain Gorillas
Golden Monkeys Visit Hong Kong
Monkeys Shot in Head
Primates Crashed to Death
Heavy Mortality in South American Primate Project
High School Students Cut Up Rhesus Monkey
Chimpanzees Return to Africa
IPPL Officials


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