1999: November
Happy Holidays To Our Members From All Of Us At IPPL
Happy Holidays From Everyone At IPPL
Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd
A Friendly Letter from South Africa
Proboscis Monkey News
Thank You to KSBK Donors
Our Challenge to IPPL Members
IPPL Gibbons Have Special Birthdays
Tackling the Bushmeat Trade
Fulfilling My Dream-Rescuing Three Chimpanzees
Guyana Wildlife Trade Closed Down
Primate Tour of United States Ends With Rally
News From Tacugama Sanctuary
Animal Underworld
Protest Outside Ringling Brothers Circus
Japanese Monkey Marauders To Be Shocked
The Plight of Vietnam’s Primates
Taking Care of Primates-Now and For Ever
Recommended Reading
My Wonderful Year in Nigeria
Meet Two Cercopan Monkeys
Japanese Nature Park Monkeys End Up in Labs
Animals Lose Friends
Attention New Members (Bangkok Six Case)
Greetings From Limbe
News From Chunky Monkey
Meet the Crab-Eating Macaque

1999: August
Orangutan baby clinging to mother
Message From Shirley McGreal
IPPL 2000 Calendar
Orangutans Confiscated From Japanese Pet Shop
Proboscis Monkey Demonstration
A Visit With Washoe and Family
Investigators Find Primates on Bird Markets
Indonesian Animals Urgently Need Your Help
Help Support KSBK
IPPL Prepares for Hurricane Season
Monkeys Rehabilitated in Venezuela
My Sunday Visitor
Five Gorillas Held By Kano Businessman
Bullet and Beanie Make Friends
Remember the Baby Monkeys!
Primate Bus Tour Continues
Limbe Wildlife Center the People and the Gorillas
Good News From Sierra Leone
Bornean and Sumatran Forests in Peril
Late News-US Primate Policy
The Chimp Channel
Gibbon Rescued
Stop Press-Gibbon Rescued
Cyril Rosen Joins Advisory Board
Eggs and Peanuts For Primates
Primates For Primates Conference
Baboon Slaughterhouse Plan Killed For Now
Update on the Bushmeat Trade Campaign
The Tuli Orangutan
Credit Cards and Monthly Bank Drafts
Lola the Chimpanzee
Meet the Bonobo

1999: April
Proboscis monkeys
Arun Rangsi is 20 Years Old
Proboscis Monkeys Caught-Many Die
Bronx Zoo Faces Lawsuit
Stop Press – KSBK Report on Proboscis Disaster
News From Nature’s Beckon
Meet Bullet
Attention-IPPL Kids-Work on the Chunky Monkey Mural
A Visit to The Fauna Foundation
Foul Play in Zimbabwe
Update From Limbe
Returning Them to the Wild
Gorilla Tourists Die in Uganda
Taking Care of Primates-Now and For Ever
The Slender Loris: A Primate in Darkness
Chimpanzees Reported to Have Caused Human AIDS
Chimpanzees Reported to Have Caused Human AIDS
Why Chimps Are Poor Models for Studying AIDS
Chimpanzee Exhibitor Surrenders Animals
New Zealand Bill Proposes Rights for Apes
Update on Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Zoo Owner Fined
A Chimp’s Lament
Remembering Jerom-A Chimpanzee
The 1999 Primate Freedom Tour
San Jose Mercury News Investigates Zoo Deals
Zoos Involved In Questionable Transactions
Dealers Receiving Zoo Surplus Primates
Zoo-Dealer Transactions
How to Use The San Jose Mercury Database
Exotic Animal Auctions
Primates Leaving Zoos For Non-AZA Institutions
UK News
US Law Enforcement Agents Speak Out
Adams Denies Interference in Baby Monkey Case
Another Spectacular Indonesian Primate

1998: November
Happy Holidays To Our Members From All Of Us At IPPL
Holiday Message From IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
“KSBK” Studies Indonesian Animal Markets
Great IPPL Half-Victory
Rhesus Monkeys Can Count
Wildlife Devastation in Indonesia
Monkey World-Safe Haven For Chimpanzees
The Turkish Connection
Evolution-Where Death Surrounds You
Attention-IPPL On-line Kids
Wisconsin Stumptails-Safe At Last
Madison Editor Denounces Primate Center
Meeting the Woolly Monkeys of Cornwall
Tess Lemmon
Primate Talk Killed
IPPL Helps Relocate Monkeys
Bleak Future Faces Over 100 Air Force Chimps
Florida Residents Save Squirrel Monkeys From Trapper
Naples Monkeys Find Human Friends
Update on the Guyana Monkeys
US Court Victory for Animals
IPPL Officer Keeps Busy
Stupid Zoo-Goers Cause Orangutan’s Death
Buy Green, Sell Green, Be Green
New Member Happy With IPPL
Animals Lose Friends
Remembering Cleveland Amory
Thanks From Limbe’s African Staff
Environmental Enrichment Database
Pet Monkeys-Disposable Family Members
Canadian Sanctuary Cares For Retired Laboratory Chimpanzees
Monkeys Reach Atlanta
Out Of (South) Africa
Rufus Orangutan Dies
Noell’s Ark Charged
Greetings From IPPL Officers
UK News
The Spectacled Leaf Monkey

1998: August
IPPL-25 Years Old
Meet “Pitchou” Gorilla
Update From Limbe-Through Nyango’s Eyes
Thank You
Meet “Jawaya Guenon”
From the “Keeper’s Column”
My Year In Cameroon
Zoo Monkeys In Lab
“Nature’s Beckon” Produces Primate Poster
Guyana Monkeys’ Horror Trip to Japan
Spider Monkeys Confiscated
US Investigation of Dubious Monkey Deals Drags On and On and On! Indonesia Creates Loophole for Dealers!
“Green Patriarch” Declares Pollution A Sin
Taking Care of Primates-Now and For Ever
Herpes B Lawsuit Settled
Yerkes Fined Over Lab Worker’s Death
Prince Philip’s 25th Anniversary Letter
IPPL Members Meet in Summerville
Making New Friends
Beanie Gibbon Joins the Senior Lights
Report On Sanctuary Meeting
Monkeys Used to Test Anthrax Vaccine
Good-Bye to Carroll Soo-Hoo
Bizarre Chimpanzee Experiments Exposed
Children Write Letters For Air Force Chimps
IPPL Helps Nepalese Monkey Protectors
Japan Deals With Crop-raiding Monkeys
Coalition Seeks Ban On Animal Transplants
Curio Shop Owner Goes to Prison
UK News
Freezer Teezer!
UK Members-Be a Toner Donor!
Recommended Reading
USDA Nixes Electric Fencing For Primates
Interesting Animal Conferences
Experimenters Plan to Deafen Monkeys
Hanover Zoo Orangutans in Trouble
What Do These Men and Women Have in Common?
An IPPL Treasure

1998: April
Odiereke-Ubie is a Sclater’s guenon living at Ceropan Rescue Center
IPPL-25 Years Old
Holiday Cheer!
IPPL Gibbons Star on CNN!
Hospital Treats Injured Gorilla
IPPL Phone Code Changes
The Ape Alliance
Visiting the Caribbean?
Another Shipment of Indonesian Monkeys
Documents Accompanying February Monkey Shipment
Agriculture Department Checks Monkey Trucks
Herpes B Tragedy At Yerkes
High percentage of Herpes B In Imported Monkeys
The Macaque Pet Trade
Delta Airlines and the Monkey Trade
Stand Up! Sit Down! Speak Out!
Hear All, See All, Say Something
Indonesian Fires Continue
One Monkey’s Worth
Beating the Bushmeat Business
There’s A Monkey in My Classroom
Smuggler Transits Cairo
Cercopan Fast Facts
Happy Homecoming For the “Philippine Drills”
The Drill Rehab and Breeding Center
About the Endangered Drill Monkey
Congo Sanctuary Primates Rescued
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Caught in the Crossfire
Capuchin in Dentist’s Office
Remembering Jerom-A Chimpanzee
Nurse Fired For Treating Chimp
Vilas Park Zoo Rhesus Evicted From Zoo
Documents Reveal Monkey Intrigue
Monkeys May Be Replaced in Polio Vaccine Tests
Odds and Ends
IPPL Officials

1997: December
Igor Gibbon in Wreath
Holiday Message From Shirley McGreal
IPPL News Honored
Prince Charles Returns Tarsier Gift
Good News-Colobus Monkeys Using Bridges
Strange Chimpanzee Deal
More on Indonesian Monkey Shipments
Macaques Abused on Moroccan Square
News From Australia
Recommended Holiday Reading
Ask Bridgeview to Axe the Acts
Park Not Fun or Fair for Candy
Indonesia Burning
Coverage of Fires
A Voice From Indonesia
IPPL Comments on Fires
Monkey Senior Citizens

1997: August
Monkeys at rural holding center in Lebong, Sumatra, Indonesia
A Letter From Shirley McGreal
IPPL Investigates Cruel Monkey Dealings
A Visit to Chimfunshi
The Shameful Demise of Akef
The AKEF Chimpanzees
The Species Survival Network Reception
Zimbabwe Children’s’ Art Show
Richard Leakey-A “Non-Person” in Zimbabwe!
Chimp Wars Bring Death
Ronald Orenstein on CITES ‘97
News From Nature’s Beckon
Kay Farmer’s Debut at CITES
Chimps at Thai Tourist Attraction
Don’t Move! Without Letting IPPL Know!
From the Frying Pan into the Fire
Sanctuary Animals Rescued
News From Limbe Sanctuary
Meet the CARE Baboons
Cercopan-Sanctuary for Rescued Primates
Chimpanzee Report
Meet Dondrak-A Rescued Gibbon!
The Ape Army
Zoo Monkeys Face Uncertain Future
Alliance for Animals Campaigns for Zoo Monkeys
A Historic IPPL Victory-Twenty Years Ago
USDA Gives Permit to Animal Abuser
Scotch Plains Zoo Closed
IPPL Officials

1997: April
Limbe Staff
A Letter From Shirley McGreal
Notes From My Cameroon Journal
Yaounde Zoo
Your Donations at Work
Thanks to IPPL From Limbe Staff
Profiles of Some of the Limbe Primates
Saving Colobus Monkeys in Kenya
News From Australia
Pigtail Monkey Baby in Peril
Texas Snow Monkeys Moved
Are You on the Internet?
IPPL Wildlife Inspection Resolution
Scotch Plains Zoo Campaign Update
Don’t Move! Without Letting IPPL Know!
Animals Lose a Friend
Gorilla Scorns Politicians!
Monkey and Sheep Cloning
Comments From Andrew Gach
IPPL and PACE Fight BSE Chimp Experiments
IPPL Helps Uganda Chimpanzees
The Russian Smuggling “Connection”
USFWS Allies With Big Game Hunters!
Death in the Philippines
Rhinos Die on Way to Chinese Zoo
Egypt’s Appalling Wildlife Market
IPPL Advisor Wins Award
Florida Threat to Baby Apes
The Texas Monkey “Slasher”

1996: November
Arun Rangsi eating grape
Unique Chimp Sweat and T-Shirts
A Message From IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
IPPL Helps Limbe Primates
A Letter From Limbe
“Gone Wild” Available as a Talking Book
My Summer in Costa Rica
Primates on the Internet
Primates in Vietnam
Rare Langurs
IPPL Makes Grant for Rare Gibbon Search
A Great Holiday Book for Primate Junkies!
New Book by Paul and Anne Ehrlich
IPPL-Australia Marches for Animals
IPPL Escapes Hurricane Fran
Chimpanzees Confiscated in Thailand
The Budongo Forest Project
Kabul Zoo in Ruins
Death of the Manila Gorilla
Ignorant US Senator
“Observer” Exposes Bion Mission Plans
Binti Jua-The Gorilla Heroine
Brunei Visit
The Island of Sulawesi
Chimps Confiscated on Moscow Airport
Comments on Human-Chimpanzee Relations
Copenhagen Zoo’s Experiment
AG Officials Talk Nonsense!
Inspector Under Investigation
Animal Legal Defense Fund Wins Lawsuit
Protest at Scotch Plains Zoo
Mali-The Land and Its Primates
Book on Harassment Lawsuits
Mad Cow Disease and Primates
An Unusual Ape
New Primate Lab Opens
Primatology Directory Available
Tragedy Strikes Mitumba Chimpanzees
Chimpanzee Bites Actress
“Chunky Monkey” Toy Makes Debut IPPL to Share Proceeds
Helping Primates-Today and Tomorrow

1996: August
Constantine, head keeper of Isinga Island with Joey the Chimpanzee
New T-Shirt Style
A Message From IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Pramuka Market Revisited
Barney Chimpanzee Shot
IPPL Salutes Mark Jurnove
New US Wildlife Inspection Fees
Lawyer in Trouble
The Teflon Smuggler
Extracts From Court Decision
Department of Agriculture Finds Problems at Worldwide Primates
Recommended Reading
A Promise Kept
IPPL Represented at Lab Chimpanzee Hearing
Human Relations With Chimpanzees
Primate CD-ROM
The Benefits of Having a Current Will
Taxidermist Goes to Prison
Swiss Animal-Lovers Protest Zoo Ad
News From Carol Fleming
Letter Writing Service for the Busy or the Lazy!
News From Nature’s Beckon
Controversial Circus
Don’t Move! Without Letting IPPL Know!
Fifty Primates Confiscated in Iowa
The Lake Edward Chimpanzee Sanctuary
New Outbreak of Monkey Ebola Virus
IPPL Friend Wins Goldman Award
Gorilla Killers Arrested
Airships Used to Study Forest Canopy
Dangers of Baboon Transplants
Cambodia Attracts Foreign Predators
Update on the Manila Gorilla
Are You on the Internet?
Action Alert List to Be Updated
Liza Gadsby Wins Whitley Award
Recommended Reading
Georgia Group Sues Primate Center
“A Tap on the Wrist”
“Stink” Over Monkey Meat

1996: April
New T-Shirt Style
A Message From IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
The Chimpanzees of Conkouati
Monkeys on the Block-Please Join the Protest!
The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Phuket
The Short Life and Miserable Death of Jerom Chimpanzee
Baboon Bone Marrow Transplant
The Benefits of Having a Current Will
Remembering Okko Reussien
Handbook on Primate Care Available
Saddam and Bush Gibbon Move to Thailand
Tragedy at Philadelphia Zoo
Letters to Philadelphia Newspapers
“Big Red”
Freddy Chimpanzee
Foreign Investment and Wildlife Trade Hit Ratanakhiri
Guyana Resumes Primate Exports
IPPL Wins Victory for Primates in Australia
Your Letters Worked Thanks From Moorthy!
The Chimpanzees of Burundi
Karl Ammann Uses His Photo Talents to Protect Apes
Africans Die After Eating Chimpanzee Meat
Loris Causes Panic in Australia
Squirrel Monkey Disappears
Animal Welfare Act Violations
IPPL Members meet in Summerville!
IPPL Officials

1995: November
“The Kano Connection”
Mountain Gorillas Killed
On The Trail of the Tarsier
Meet the Tarsiers!
Indonesia – Land Rich in Primates
Taxidermist Raided
Meet the Monkeys of Cercopan!
Meet Penny Boyd and Her 700 Friends!
Monkey Smuggling Into United States Alleged
Recommended Reading
Ape, Man, Apeman
Terence Morin Dies
A Letter From Laura
Associated Press Looks for Ally
Booie Leaves Lab
The Macaques of Sulawesi, Indonesia
Chimpanzee May Have Full-Blown Aids
Meet “Nature’s Beckon”
Iraq Tortures Monkeys
IPPL Member Returns to Primate Friends in Vietnam
Animals Used in Research In US Labs
Anatomy of the Ace’s Disgrace Campaign
IPPL Members Visit Chimp Lab
Matthew Block in Prison

1995: August
Baboons at Taif garbage dump
A Message From IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Buy a T-Shirt-Help a Rescued Primate!
The Manila Gorilla
Helping Saudi Arabia’s “Garbage Dump Baboons”
IPPL Represented at Genesis Awards
Judge Sanctions Matthew Block and His Lawyer
Matthew Block Loses Appeal
Amy the Animatronic Gorilla
Missing-Ally Chimpanzee IPPL Offers Reward
Ally-A Memorable Chimpanzee
Other News of Oklahoma Chimpanzees
Florida Animal Dealers Disappear
Weird Experiment in China
Sumatra-Nightmare for Animals
Region 4 of USFWS Rebels!
The Limbe Primate Sanctuary
News From Mexico
Report Slams Animal Welfare Act Enforcement
The Primates of Namdapha National Park
Meet a Rescued Gibbon
Sara, the Monkeys Have Gotten Into the House Again!
Trophy Hunters Eye Nouabale-Ndoki
Primates Lose Friend
Trinidad Wildlife Sanctuaries in Peril
Morarji Desai Dies
Update on Marrakech Monkeys
Scandal at Washington Primate Center
IPPL Chairwoman Attends Murder Trial
Crooks Smuggle Parrots and Primates
Hans Mannheimer-Smiling or Rolling in His Grave?
Laboratories Face Charges

1995: April
Oranutan baby
A Salute to Simon and Peggy Templer
Five Long Years Ago
“Bangkok Six” on the Internet
Judge Sanctions Block and Lawyer
More Delays in “Bangkok Six” Case
The Aeroflot Connection
Meet “Arulla”-The Lonely Gorilla
The Wild Snow Monkeys of Texas
Cotton-Top Tamarins in Trouble
The Monkeys of Marrakech
A Strange Letter From Dunedin Jail
Update on Shirley Gibbon
Update on Masya Chimpanzee
Gift Items Available From IPPL
Primate Viruses in the News
GAO Blasts US Wildlife Inspection Program
It’s Time For a Dian Fossey Stamp
Missing-Guns and Cameras
Animal Abuse Leads to Human Abuse
Update on Ivan
The Sukhumi Disaster
Are You on the Internet?
Rhesus Monkeys Stopped-A “Can of Worms”
New CITES Members
X-Rated Wildlife Smuggling Thriller
Wildlife Smugglers Get Unequal Treatment
Something to think About
Whistle-Blower Gets Award
Milka Cleared!
News in Brief

1994: December
Arun Rangsi in wreath
Shirley McGreal’s letter
Meet the Drill!
AAVS Student Award
Police League Celebrates-IPPL is There!
The Dutch Phone-tap
Dispute Over Florida Monkeys
Your Letters Make a Difference-Again
Orangutan Smuggler’s License Revoked
Surprise! More Delays in “Bangkok Six” Case
Delay in Sanctions Case
“I Don’t Know”
Ivan Leaves Shopping Mall
A Summer with Orphaned Chimpanzees
African Nations Setup Wildlife Task Force
Smugglers Arrested
Air Force Chimps Change Hands
Recommended Reading
Bird Smuggler Jailed
Humans – Endangered Species?
Healthy Langurs Face Death
“The Sting”
Shirley Gibbon is Fine
Tarantula Smuggler Gets Eight Years
A Hundred Pages of Infractions
News From Rwanda
IPPL Officials

1994: September
Bali monkey
Beanie Gibbon Stars on National TV!
Animal Lovers Protest Monkey Display
Shirley McGreal’s Stunning Court Victory
A Letter to Mollie Beattie, Director US Fish and Wildlife Service
The Protected Monkeys of Bali
Thanks From Help
Tanjung Putting National Park
Meet Hans Iluk
Guidebook to Tanjung Putting Available
Wanariset Orangutan Project
A Visit to Wanariset
The Downside of Gorilla Tourism
Profiles of Confiscated Orangutans
Meet Shirley Gibbon!
Conservation Hero’s Mysterious Death
Gorillas Still in Peril
Jane Goodall Stands Up for Chimps
Masya Chimpanzee Returns to Africa
Carole’s Story
It’s Enough to Make You Sick
Block: No Shipments Inspected in Two Years
Mauritius SPCA Calls for Monkey Ban
“Gorilla Sting” Trial
Animal Dealers Vanish
Landmines; Deadly Legacy of War
Monkey Experimenter Accused
Appalling Conditions in Pet Shop
IPPL Officials

1994: April
Gibbon Gift Wrap
Chimpanzees Found on Saudi Market
New Gift Items
The World Wildlife Supermarket
Chimpanzees Confiscated in Tanzania
Gorillas in the Crossfire – Again
Anti-Smuggling Petition
Cane Wildlife Smugglers?
IPPL Members Meet
US Government Targets Animal-Lovers
Pattaya Beach Gibbons Rescued
The State of Freedom in the World
News from Charles River
Indonesia’s Partial Ban
Agriculture Settles Block Case for $16,000
IPPL Studies Wildlife Inspection Program
Inspection Rates for Commercial Shipments of Primates Entering US in 1993
Primates in Movies
Miami Lawyers Go To White House!
Wild Allegations Fly at Orangutan Hearing
The Fish and Wildlife “Stings”
Hearing in Sanctions Appeal
Thanks to Thomas Julin
Tragedy in Napa Valley
IPPL Represented at Genesis Awards
News From Israel
Singapore Zoo Fails Again
Greeting Cards Demean Primates
Laughing His Head Off!
Tables Turned in Orangutan Beating Case
Travel Boycott of Barbados
IPPL Represented at Orangutan Meeting
Miami Bird Dealer Arrested
IPPL Officials

1993: November
Baby Pygmy Loris
Gift Items Available From IPPL
Taiwan Bungles “Repatriation” of Smuggled Lorises
IPPL Offers Reward for Missing Chimpanzees
Freddie: Twice Missing
Dania Monkeys Saved
Postage Rates for Overseas Letters
Black Belts Fund-Raise for IPPL
Grants Available
News (WWF Letter)
Highlights of IPPL’s First Two Decades 1973-93
IPPL Newsletter 1973-93
The Bangkok Years 1973-75
Lorises in Snake Sacks and Smuggled Gibbons 1974-75
IPPL Exposes the Singapore Connection – 1975
Fighting the Pygmy Chimpanzee Project – 1975-76
The Taub Laboratory 1976-81
The Indian Rhesus Export Ban – 1977
Battling Dr. Barnard – 1977
The Death of Digit – “A Playful Ball of Fluff” – 1977
Ardith Eudey Finds Smuggled Primates – 1978
The Bangladesh Ban – 1979
Safari Club’s Outrageous Application – 1979
Tree Shrew Ban – 1980
Rhesus Rescued – 1981
Arun Rangsi Joins IPPL – 1981
Roland Corluy Gets Into Belgian Smuggler’s Basement – 1982
“The Cameroun Seven” – 1984
Malaysian Export Ban – 1984
Immuno Sues – 1984
The Primate Chair – 1986
IPPL Gets Gorilla Smuggler Jailed – 1987-90
Dr. Iqbal Malik Battles Monkey Trappers – 1987
Elizabeth Taylor’s Toy Gibbon – 1988
Shirley McGreal wins Marching Award – 1988
Hurricane Hugo Strikes IPPL – 1989
The Polish Connection – 1990
“The Bangkok Six” – 1990-present
The Cartimar Market Gibbons – 1991
Animal Protection Exhibition in Singapore – 1992
IPPL’s Work Recognized by United Nations – 1992
IPPL ECO-Detectives – 1992-present
Projects Helped by IPPL
Meet Some of IPPL’s Officers
Letters From IPPL Friends
Heather McGiffin and Dr. Geza Teleki Members of IPPL Advisory Board
Mohammed Khan Bin Momin Khan
Dr. Vernon Reynolds, Oxford University
Dr. Elliott McClure
Dr. Iqbal Malik, IPPL Representative, India
Stella Brewer Marsden
William George, M.D., Qatar, IPPL Advisor Since 1975
Dr. Colin Groves, Australia, IPPL Advisor Since 1975
Samar Singh, Secretary-General, WWF-India
Evelyn Gallardo & David Root, IPPL-US West Coast Representatives
Ann Koros, IPPL Advisor since 1983
Ndyakira Amooti, Investigative Reporter, Uganda
Dr. Rainer Blanke, Bundesamt for Naturschutz, Bonn, Germany
Rosanne Taratolo, IPPL director, USA
Daphne Sheldrick, M.B.E., Chairperson David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Nairobi, Kneya
Lynette Shanley, IPPL-Australia
Milka Knezevick-Ivaskovic, IPPL Rep., Yugoslavia
Bob Barker, TV Star
Publicizing the Plight of Primates
Efforts to Improve and Enforce Laws that Protect Primates
Thanks to Foundation Friends
Technical and Financial Support
Finding Good Homes for Unwanted Primates
Screening, Placement and Sponsorship of Volunteers
Thank You to Our Members
Miami Prosecutor Cross-Appeals Orangutan Sentence
Orangutans’ Destination – Soviet Zoos
Block Hearing Postponed
Agent Picon’s Memorandum
The Bizarre IPPL Stake-Out
Block Bars Inspectors
Truce in Rwanda
Bhutanese Princess Arrested
Exotic Grocer Dies
Grinder Justifies Tooth Extractions
Survey of Captive Chimps
IPPL Officials

1993: August
Proboscis Monkey
Gift Items Available from IPPL
Block Gets 13 Month Jail Term – But Cell is Empty
IPPL Newsletter Article Leads to Major Victory!
Michael Metzger Invites Judge Kehoe for a Beer!
Heroes of the “Bangkok Six”
Letters Needed
1969 Congressional Hearings on “Synthetic Biological Agents”
IPPL Newsletter Available in French
“If There Were One Orangutan Left on Earth, I Would Take It”
Strange-Goings On
Making Your Plans?
Pointe-Noire Zoo Chimpanzees Rescued
Orangutan Drowns at Kuala Lumpur Zoo
Orangutan Found Drunk on Taipei Street
Orangutan Baby Confiscated
The “Prawn Connection”
“Friends for Life”
Logging and Lorises in Camboia
Animal Products Inventory in 166th Street Shops, Phnom Penh
Wildlife Agent Moonlights
Dutch Investigation Exposed
Snakes Seized in Miami
Delay in McGreal Appeal
Nobel Laureate Hates Monkeys
Wildlife Protectors Die
Investigating Chinese Wildlife Markets
Department of Agriculture Files Complaint
Update on “Stings”
Birds Receive More Concern Than Orangutans
Monkeys Aids Model not Replicated
Unpleasant Reading – Update on 110 Dead Monkeys
The Rewards of “Cooperation”
California Legislature Penalizes SLAPP Suits
Recent Sentences in Wildlife Smuggling Cases
Swedish Primate Imports
Chimpanzees Stranded
IPPL Represented at Indochina Conference
Zambian Authorities Receive Praise
Birds Do It, Bees Do It
IPPL Officials

1993: April
Twilight of the Orangutans?
A Letter form IPPL’s Chairwoman
Mountain Gorillas Face Disaster
Thanks from Nigeria
“Beach Gibbon” Racket in Thailand
Recommended Reading
Judge Orders Housing Regulations Rewritten
Meet Earthwatch!
Chimp Lab for Sale
Plea Bargain Rejected
News from the Congo
News from Philippines
“Tom Gibbon” Update
Chico Mendes’ Murderers Escape
Italian Smuggler Arrested In Brazil
Letters to Judge Kehoe
“In Compliance with All The Laws!”
The “Overt Acts”
Miami Herald Lies!
Cooperation Statement Submitted
Late News in Orangutan Case
Twilight of the Orangutans?
Thomas Julin Files Notice of Appeal
Mexicans Get “Stung” in Miami
Thanks to Members
Update on Confiscated Monkeys
Problems with Sentencing Guidelines
Stranded Primates
A Month in Miami
Zambia Changes Course
News in Brief
IPPL Officials

1992: December
Line drawing of Shanti with Michele
Letter to the Members
Dead on Arrival – 110 Times Over
Update on Confiscated Chimpanzees
Novel Fund-Raising Idea
Good-bye to Tess Lemmon
IPPL Featured in “People” Magazine
Primate Problems in Guinea
Please Remember IPPL in Your Estate Plans
Thonburi Snake Farm
Brooke Bond’s Controversial Chimp Ads
Pa Kwi Speaks
Hurricane Andrew Delays Orangutan Trial
Lawyers in Trouble!
Lab Workers Test Positive for “Monkey” Aids
Hurricane Andrew Causes Monkey Deaths
First Animal Protection Exhibition in Singapore
The “Hit of the Year”
Monkeys Abused on Thai Island Resort
Sport Hunters Target Baboons
The Ebola Outbreak
Primate Imports to the United States 1991
EEC to Ban Cosmetics Testing on Animals
Pathetic Penalties
New Lab Controversy
Smugglers Arrested
Primates Confiscated
BUAV Uncovers Sale of Safari Park Monkeys to Lab Trade
Recommended Reading
Semengoh Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Lehman Wants to Improve Wildlife Law Enforcement
News in Brief
IPPL Letters Get Results
IPPL Officials

1992: August
Silver Langur, Slow Loris, Macaques, Concolor Gibbons at Saigon Market
Shirley McGreal Receives United Nations Award at Earth Summit
ECO-Detectives Visit Vietnam Animal Markets
Meet “Help”
Recommended Reading
Remembering Khun Boonlerd Angsirijinda
Prince Philip Pays Tribute to Khun Boonlerd
Meet Helen Stretton!
DLE Chief Asks “What’s an Animal Dealer?”
Developments in Criminal Case Against Matthew Block
Doctor, What are You Tearing Off There?
Continued Filth at Worldwide Primates
Update on Michael Metzger
IPPL Chairwoman Challenges Miami Magistrate
Writing Good Letters
Division of Law Enforcement Betrays IPPL Network
How You Can Protest DLE’s Betrayal of IPPL’s Network
“Tom Gibbon” Doing Well
A Visit to the Amazon Monkey Jungle
Buav Opens Campaign Against Monkey Trade
Dian Fossey’s Early Days in Rwanda
Fire at Pata Mall
Animal Dealers Indicted
Confiscation in Johannesburg
Confiscation in Zambia
Yerkes Caregivers Allege Primates Mistreated
New Threat to Pigtail Macaque
Egyptian Embassy’s Dirty Ape Deal
Mrithi Gorilla Killed
Human Gets Baboon Liver
Animal Testing by Defense Department Under Scrutiny
News in Brief
IPPL Officials

1992: April
Orangutan Babies
IPPL Chairwoman Honored by United Nations
Animal Dealer Indicted for Orangutan Smuggling – Drops Lawsuit Against IPPL Chairwoman
Lawsuit Victims Strike Back and Win Big!
Third World Journalists Attend Cites ’92
Background on the “Bangkok Six”
Washington Hearings
“Anthony’s” Investigates IPPL!
California Lawyer Denounces IPPL
Kyoto Zoo and Pet-Shops
Gorilla Emergency!
Update on Pramuka Market
Worldwide Primates vs Shirley McGreal Anatomy of the Block Lawsuit (IPPL Supplement)
A Tale of a Tuberculosis Monkey
Pathetic Gibbon Reaches Thai Sanctuary
IPPL Attends Cites Kyoto
Singapore Defends DOUC Deal
Message from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Recommended Reading
IPPL Punishment Poll
IPPL Holds Members’ Meeting
News in Brief
Threat to Chimpanzees
IPPL Officials

Six Seized orangutan babies
Why This Report is so Long!
The “Bangkok Six”
IPPL Punishment Poll
Walter Sensen Jailed!
Animal Smugglers Caught for Other Crimes
The Philippine Bird Farm
“Entebbe Four” Chimps Return to Uganda
Animal Dealer Takes Fifth Amendment
The Spanish Beach Chimp Trade
Attention: Governments of Primate-Exporting Countries
“Polish Connection” Closed
The “Pregnant” Frenchman
Gibbons Confiscated on Philippine Bird Market
Orangutans All Over Taiwan
On “Couriers”
Decoding a Smuggler’s Telex
A Smuggler Speaks
The Disastrous Douc Langur Shipment
The “Cambodian Connection”
Congressional Hearings Held on Wildlife Law Enforcement
Where’s the Chief?
Zoo Director’s Shopping List
Oscar De Souza’s Shocking Price List
Attention African Delegates
Dubious Offers
Sarawak Orangutans Hit by Smugglers
Markets and More Markets
IPPL Officials

1991: November
Monas Grooming: Colobus Traversing the Village
Happy Holidays to All Our Members!
IPPL Sweat-Shirts Make Great Holiday Gifts!
The Douc Disaster
Orangutan Skulls for Sale
Update on the “Taiwan Ten”
“Entebbe Four” Return to Uganda
Orangutan Seen on Snake Alley in Taiwan
Remembering Bimbo
A Letter from Milka
Washingtonian Magazine Settles PETA Lawsuit
Buyukmihci Wins!
Recommended Reading
Animal Dealer Takes Fifth Amendment in Lawsuit Against Shirley McGreal
Monkeys Stranded in Australia
Thailand Embargoed
The Childhood Seeds of Mass Murder
Herpes Virus Claims Veterinarian
Gorilla Moved
IPPL Member Visits Monkey Training School
Zoo Director’s Shopping List
A Visit to Budongo Forest
A Visit to the Boabeng/Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
List of Chimpanzee Sightings Available
Chimpanzees Lose Friend
Primate Imports to the United States, 1990
Arun Rangsi’s Special Birthday Card
Attention: Parents and Kids
News in Brief
IPPL Newsletters Available in French
Bob Noell Dies
Charities to Avoid
IPPL Shares
IPPL Officials

1991: August
Pileated Gibbons
A Message From IPPL’s Chairwoman
BBC Exposes Orangutan Smuggling Racket
Immuno Sets Free Speech Precedent!
BBC Premiere
NIH Chimp Working Group Report
AMA Smears Animal Protection Movement
The Animal Market of Jakarta . . . As Bad As it Sounds
Primates Suffer on Pramuka Market
Letter from Indonesia
IPPL Representative Given Jail Sentence for Criticizing Zoo Director . . . How You Can Help
A Letter to Milka
Thailand Embargoed by CITES
A “Nice Word” For a Very Nasty Occupation
1989 Primate Imports to the United States
Charles River Moves to Texas
IPPL Expose of De Souza Produces Quick Results
Recommended Reading
IPPL-UK’s Beach Chimpanzee Campaign
Research Fraud
Chimpanzees Under Siege
Cameroonian Dealer Offers Apes for Sale
IPPL Applauds Animal-Friendly Journalists
How to Write Effective Letters
NIH Sets Up New Office
The Desert Baboons of Namibia
Monkeys Smuggled from Surinam
Primate Protection in India
Meet the Shuklas
News From Assam, India
Rich Donors Cut Back on Charity Gifts
Members’ Protest Letters Succeed in Closing Hotel Mini-Zoo
The Gorilla Libel Suit
Letters in Support of Law Enforcement Needed
Our Work Around the World
What to Say to Your Representatives
News in Brief
IPPL Officials

1991: April
Confiscated Gibbon from Philippine Bird Market
Animal Smugglers Mock the Law
Endangered Species? Why Worry?
Gibbons Confiscated From Philippine Bird Market
Singapore Dealer’s Shocking Price-List
US Housing Regulations Published
Fate of Laboratory Primates
New Primate Sanctuary Formed
Candi Chimp’s Life Improves
Sanctuary in Brazil
Canadian Monkeys’ Lives Improved
Thai Dealer’s Dirty Scheme
No Action Against Primate Importer
Urgent Call for Letters to Thailand
A Letter from Yugoslavia
Thai Official Commits Suicide
IPPL Says Good-Bye to Good Friends
Animal Dealer Gets Away With Chimp Deal
Monkey Meat Trade in Brussels
Protests to Sierra Leone Needed
How You Can Help Aids-Infected Chimpanzees
Pope Urged to Support Animal Experimentation
The Problem of Surplus Male Gorillas
Twin Gorillas Separated
Rare Monkey Confiscated
Stranded Chimpanzees Reach Chimfunshi
Surplus Lion-Tailed Macaques
Immuno Lawsuit Thrown Out Again
A Visit with the Lemurs of Madagascar
Signing Chimpanzees
Recommended Reading
Children’s Book Available Through IPPL
News in Brief
A Circus to Support
Attention – UK Members
IPPL Officials

1990: November
Japanese Snow Monkeys At Shimokita
Letter to the members
A Smuggler Speaks
Three Baby Gibbons and a Pregnant Frenchman
“Minister Linked To Shady Chimps Deal”
Brigitte Bardot Speaks Up for Chimpanzee
Doubling Your Gifts!
IPPL-UK Helps Baboons
Storm Over Primate Housing Standards
Shirley McGreal IPPL
Peter D. Wood
Mr. And Mrs. Tony La Russa
Laurie Whitehead
Briany Keith
Marilee Burrell
Clover Gowing
Andrew Salm, M.D.
P.H., Ph.D., Attorney
Peter and Barbara Stasz
Peter Van de bunt
James McMillan
Rolfe LaForge
Daren Dean
Lewis Sly
Louise Chawla
Nancy Caine
The American Heart Association
The American Diabetes Association
Stephen Kaufman, M.D.
Anthony Movshon
Peter Gerone
Dorann Banks
Catherine Balliu
Lucille Kaplan
Michael Albersmeyer
Ronni S. Lawrence
Patricia March
Stephen Pakes
Ann Rogers
Hugh Evans
Nancy Moser
Duane Rumbaugh
Joyce Sirianni
Jeremy Dahl
Nancy and Robert Gold
Steve Sapontzis
Mark Suckow
Carolyn Crockett
Kenneth Gould
William Raub, Ph.D.
American Veterinary Medical Association
Douglas Bowden
Harriet Viogt, Ph.D.
Frank Ricciardi
Robert Ballina, M.D.
J. B. Neilands
Rodney Robison
Larry Cummins
Michael Swindle
Charles Snowdon
Valerie Stanley Animal Legal Defense Fund
Wayne Thomas
Margaret Bradbury
Frederick Goodwin
Society for Animal Protective Legislation & 131 Animal Protection Organizations
Unanimous Resolution of the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts
City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts
John Bourlon
Jessica Sandler
Daniel Cucich
John Beary
Bernard Migler
Cheryl Palmer
John Capitanio
Sheila Steiner
Ann Russon
Duane Proppe
International Research and Development Corporation
Jane S., M.D.
Rene Kerr
Davis Hubel
Frankie Trull
Mark Bodamer
How You Can Help
Dr. Zakir Husain Gets Award
IPPL Officials

1990: August
Red Howler Monkey
A Message From IPPL’S Chairwoman
Chimpanzee Drowns at Detroit Zoo
Orangutans Return to Borneo, Siamangs to Sumatra
More About the “Bangkok Six”
The Dirty Dealings of Vukosav Bojovic
“Punishment” Singapore Style
Free the Tel Hashomer Monkeys!
IPPL Videotapes Available
Walter Sensen Freed From Jail
Recommended Reading
Primates and the Colombian Amazon
Grumps and Mike
Monkeys Die of Heatstroke at US Research Station
March on Washington a Great Success
Congratulations to PETA
Monkeys of Bali
Earth Day 1990 a Great Success
Sigourney Weaver Protests Gorilla Purchase by Chiba City Zoo
Lapointe Dismissed
Whistleblowers Threatened
Yerkes Director Warns Employees
Alarming Late News
Primate Rehabilitation and Release Projects
News in Brief
IPPL Officials

1990: April
Six Baby Orangutans
Great News! Walter Sensen Jailed!
Former Owner Identifies Mexican Zoo Gorilla
Smuggled Orangutans Reach Bangkok
Ebola Virus Outbreak Causes Monkey Deaths
Urgent: What You Can do to End the Monkey Slave Trade
Ohio Bill Would Outlaw Animal Activism
Palau Monkeys Need Your Help
Statement on the Palau Monkeys
Japanese Scientists Protest Bonobo Capture Plan
It’s Time to Stop Eating Monkeys
USAID Monkey Scandal Widens
Primate Confiscation in Switzerland
Burmese Monkeys Offered For Sale
Primates Die as Burmese Forests Destroyed
A Note on the Hoolock Gibbon
Primates Caught for Retrovirus Studies
Smuggled Gorillas Sold for World Record Price
Poland Joins Endangered Species Convention
Making A Difference
Delta Protests Unfavorable Inspection Report
Who Said This?
Gabon’s Enviable “Population Problem”
Monkey Problems in the Gambia
Hurricane Hugo Update
Immuno Lawsuit Thrown Out-Twice More!
Lawsuits Fly in Monkey Bite Affair
Chimp Attacks Veterinarian
Rhesus Monkey Successfully Translocated
March on Washington Set for 10 June 1990
Shopping for a Better World
Animal Rights Poll
IPPL Videotapes Available
Recommended Reading
Amazing Wildlife Collection in the Philippines
Sema Laboratory Punished
IPPL Saves Three Lemurs from Steve Graham’s Needle
IPPL Saves Three Lemurs from Steve Graham’s Needle
Tawico Offers Chimps For Sale
Zoo Directors’ Statement on Animal Smuggling
Who Consultation on Primates for AIDS Research
The Monkey
IPPL Members’ Meeting Great Success
News in Brief
Fishing Captain Kills 3 Pet Monkeys
Billy Killed
Primate Use Down
Monkeys Feast in Thailand
Ad Cites Monkey Cocaine Studies
Zookeeper Loses Finger
Pet Baboon Stranded in Minneapolis
Problem with Lorelco
Deplorable Conditions at Japanese Pet Shops
Lemurs Die at San Francisco Zoo
Australian Attacks Gorilla
Monkey dies in Steam Cleaner
Animal Exhibits Banned in Florida Town
Wildlife Crime Lab Established
Zoo under Investigation
Lorises Returned to Thailand
Smuggled Chimps Seized in Kenya
Rhesus Monkeys to be sent in Space in 1994
South African’s Bizarre Plan
IPPL Officials


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