2009 December
A letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
Living My Dream at an African Primate Sanctuary
A Thank You-and an Invitation_from Pandrillus
IPPL and IDA Protest NASA’s Monkey Radiation Plans
How You Can Help the Squirrel Monkeys
A Chimpanzee Dungeon at the Kisangani Zoo Action Alert
New from the Chimpanzee Conservation Center, Guinea
ProFauna Battles Indonesian Primate Trade Action Alert
Good-bye to Jean Martin
Chimp Attack Survivor Charla Nash Speaks Out
From Europe, Glimmers of Hope for Primates
Just For Kids!
IPPL Gibbons Currently Available for Adoption
Meet IPPL’s Donny

2009 September
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Successful Everest Ascent for Nepal’s Monkeys
Baby Orangutans Confiscated from Taiping Zoo
Profiles in Primates: A Tale of Three Sanctuaries in Need
Dateline: Lwiro, DRC
Update on the Aketi Five Chimpanzee Orphans
Dateline: Peñaflor, Chile
Dateline: Tambon Thamairuak, Thailand
Squeeky and Little Bambam
IPPL Attends National Animal Conference
Special Gifts for IPPL
Good-bye to Jordi Sabater-Pi
Assessing a Dismal Indonesian Zoo
Volunteer Vacation Opportunities with African Primates
IPPL and BUAV Join to Protest Monkey Testing Facility
New York City Fundraiser Helps IPPL
IPPL Debuts Two New T-shirt Designs
News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
Just For Kids!
Meet IPPL’s Gibby!

2009 May
Picture of Delacour’s langurs in Vietnam
A letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal and IPPL-UK Director Helen Thirlway
Delacour’s Langurs: On the Brink
The Van Long Nature Reserve: The Total Vietnam Experience
Highland Farm’s Latest Projects
Highland Farm and the Plight of Thailand’s Gibbons
Wildlife Friends of Thailand: Gibbons and More
Kuxi K’aaxThe Jungle Place
IPPL Visits Kuxi K’aax
Chinese Report on Trade in Crab-eating Macaques
Protest the Monkey Trade!
Special Gifts to IPPL
IPPL Mourns the Loss of Carole Noon
U.S. and UK Primate Imports
Saving Chimpanzees in Uganda’s Budongo Forest
Paddling for Primates
Results from a recent month’s worth of snare removal activity in Uganda’s Budongo Forest:
IPPL Funds New Home for Nakola the Silvery Gibbon
IPPL Members Can Still Help Nakola
Pet Chimp Attacks Owner’s Friend
Excerpts from the 911 Call
Another Chimpanzee Shot
Poor Travis! Poor Charla!
IPPL Rescues Monkeys in Portugal
Monkey Wars in Europe
A New Home for the Aketi Five Chimpanzee Orphans
The Evacuation of the Aketi Five
Meet the Aketi Five!
IPPL Archives: A Treasure Trove
New Gibbon House Completed at IPPL Sanctuary
Just For Kids!
IPPL Officers
Meet IPPL’s Robbie
IPPL: Who We Are

2008 December

2008 September
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Investiture at Buckingham Palace
A visit to Cefn-yr-Erw Primate Sanctuary
IPPL-UK Update: Good News for Gibraltar’s Monkeys
The Forgotten Ape
Primate Congress in Scotland
Two Silvery Gibbons Rescued
Thanks from Karmele
Indonesia’s Slow Lorises Suffer in Trade
The Chinese Monkey Connection
United States Fish and Wildlife Service Primate Import Statistics January – June 2008 Orangutan and Gibbons Still Held at Thai Resort
Special Gifts to IPPL
Update on the “Taiping Four” Gorillas
Help Protect Nepal’s Monkeys
ProFauna Sets Up a “Primate Corner” at Rescue Center
Hugo’s Philosophical Ape
Meet the Tarsier!
Just for Kids

2008 May
A Letter From IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Awards and Congratulations!
Macaques and More: Members’ Forum on International Monkey Trade
Monkeys by the Numbers
ShirleyFest is Highlight of Members’ Meeting 2008!
Primatologist Recalls the Birth of IPPL
Dr. Ardith Eudey: Macaque Expert
Vet Describes the Plight of Indonesia’s Primates
Update on Nakola, the Silvery Gibbon
CITES Treaty and the International Primate Trade
Undercover in a Primate Lab
Limbe Wildlife Centre Greets Taiping Four Gorillas
Taiping Four Gorillas Safely Re-homed
Introducing the Primates of Malaysia
Malaysia Retains Primate Export Ban!
Colombia’s Owl Monkey Crisis
The Amazon Triangle
Of Plagues and Primates: MRSA as Foe and Friend
Introducing Helen Thirlway: New IPPL-UK Conservation and Welfare Director
Youth Campaigns for Nepal’s Wildlife
Stopping the Monkey Business in Nepal
IPPL’s 2nd Silent Auction Raises $8,000 for Primates
An Australian Zoo Review
Update on South Africa’s CARE Baboons
A Death Sentence for Gibraltar’s Monkeys? IPPL Works to Introduce More Humane Management Practices
Uganda: 300 Monkeys Illegally Exported to Russia
CITES Monkey Export Quotas for 2008
Good-Bye to Old Friends: One Last Song for Bonnie Brown
Violet Soo-Hoo– Gone at 91 years
Good-Bye to Stella Brewer Marsden
Dutch Party of the Animals Launches Worldlog
Meet the Camp Uganda Project
A Refuge in Argentina for Black Howler Monkeys
Los Angeles Times Exposes Horror Lab in Abkhazia
Monkeys to Mars?
The Primate Trade in Peru: A Nightmare for the Monkeys
Special Gifts to IPPL
IPPL Welcomes You to Planet Bonehead!
Gibbon Overpasses in India
Problems for Kenyan Colobus Monkey Project
Member Profile: Karen McCormick
IPPL Launches New Web Site
Meet IPPL’s Courtney

2007 December
A Letter From IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Splendor in the Grass: The Gelada Monkeys of Ethiopia
“Apes” vs. “Monkeys”
More to Come from Colin Groves
Into the Wild: The Congo’s Uniquely Successful Chimpanzee Reintroduction Program
An Otter Odyssey-A Family Affair
The Primates of Africa’s Bioko Island: IPPL Helps Sponsor Awareness Campaign
Four Poster Displays Educate the Public
Battle to Save Malaysia’s Monkeys Continues
The Taiping Four Gorillas Return to Cameroon (Again)
A Big “Thank You!” from Jake
Special Gifts to IPPL
Nakola the Silvery Gibbon: Update from Indonesia
The Texas Twelve Gibbons — Settling In at IPPL
Nepal Groups Issue White Paper on Monkey Trade
From “There’s Some Monkey Business Going On Here”
Truck Carrying Doomed Monkeys Crashes
European Parliament: Ban Primate Experimentation!
Member Profile: Asami Kabasawa
Meet Jade!

2007 September
A Letter From IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Primates! Primates! Primates!
The Texas Twelve Gibbons Come to IPPL
Memories of an Eventful Trip
Arcus Grant Benefits Overseas Sanctuaries and IPPL
Malaysia Plans to Start Exporting Monkeys Again
How You Can Help Malaysia’s Monkeys
IPPL Funds New Home for “Lucky” Gibbon
Hundreds of Monkeys Confiscated in Malaysia
Monkeys Stolen from New Cambodian Export Center
Secretary-General’s Controversial Opening Speech: A New Direction for CITES?
Slow Lorises Receive International Trade Protections
ProFauna Stages Dramatic Pro-Loris Demonstrations in Indonesia
A Visit to Stichting AAP, Holland’s Premier Promate Sanctuary
Special Gifts to IPPL
IPPL Helps Abandoned Silvery Gibbons
Won’t You Help Nakola?
Murder in the Mountains: Gorillas Pay the Price of Human Conflict
Thanks to LogoBee for IPPL’s New Look!
Recommended Kids’ Reading: Operation Orangutan (Adventures of Riley series)
Member Profile: Jake Gagnon
Meet IPPL’s Michelle and Louie!

2007 April
A Letter From IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Loris Confiscations Highlight Need for Protection
Meet the Slow Lorises
Ask for International Support to Protect Slow Lorises
IPPL to Sponsor Loris Pins at Conference
The Sad Fate of Cambodia’s Monkeys
Ask Cambodia to Protect its Monkeys
U.S. Primate Imports Spike
Crab-eating Macaques Top the List of Imported Primates
Top Ten Primate Importing Companies in 2006
Rhesus and Crab-eating Macaques: Trading Places in the Marketplace
U.S. Wildlife Law Enforcement a “Headless Horseman”
What You Can Do
Some U.S. Primate Cases
Visiting a Refuge for Baboons in South Africa
The Lonely Death of Dian Fossey
CareerBuilder Drops Chimp Ads
The “Taiping Four” Gorillas Remain in South Africa
Peppy and Helen: 25 Years with IPPL
Thailand and India To Swap Orangutans for Rhino
Protest This Dubious Zoo Deal!
New Swiss Law Delays Primate Experiments
Safari World Orangutans Finally Go Home!
Rescued Primates Find a Home In Wales
Young Beirut Champanzee Needs a Better Home: Please Help Charlie!
Dr. Gunawant Oza, Indian Naturalist, Passes On
Good-bye Henry Heymann, One of IPPL’s First Friends
Special Gifts to IPPL
Recommended Reading: World Atlas of Great Apes and Their Conservation
IPPL Sponsors Booklet for Vietnamese Children
Nepal Monkey Captures Continue Despite Protests
Member Profile: Valerie Buchanan Cornejo
New Singaporean Initiative Idnetifies Animal-Friendly Traditional Medicine Vendors
Meet IPPL’s Blackie!

2006 December
Happy holidays from everyone at IPPL!
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
Arun Rangsi-25 Years with IPPL
Dian Fossey’s Friend, Rosamond Carr: 1912-2006
ChimpanZoo Conference in Los Angeles
Smuggled “Taiping Four” Gorillas Return to Cameroon
Gibbons: They’re grrrreat apes!
Stichting AAP’s New Facility for Retired Lab Chimps
Limbe Wildlife Centre: Update and Thank You!
Gibbon Secret Rests Near Maui Church
Holiday Gifts
Recommended Reading: “Wild Borneo: The wildlife and scenery of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan
A Primate Book for Children: EMILY GOES WILD: An exotic tail with a French twist
Nepal’s Rhesus Monkeys Still in Danger
How You Can Help Nepal’s Monkeys
A Visit to a Peruvian Primate Sanctuary
Cambodia Proposes International Protection for Lorises
Send a Thank You to Cambodia
Orangutans Face Threats from Oil Palm Cultivation
Shop Wisely to Help the Orangutans of borneo and Sumatra
Yerkes Mangabey Permit Application Withdrawn
Prepare to Help Yerkes Mangabeys: Sign Up for IPPL’S E-Alerts
International conference on Conservation in Conflict
Singapore’s First Wildlife Rescue Center
Special Gifts to IPPL
CERCOPAN’s Summertime Baby Boom
Member Profile: John Wedderburn
Meet IPPL’s Shanti!

2006 September
Letter from Shirley McGreal
International Primatological Society Meets in Uganda
Mangabey Permit Controversy
Protest the Killing of Yerkes’ Mangabeys
Nepal Monkey Lab Plans Raise Protests
Letters Needed: Help Protect Nepal’s Native Monkeys
Good News for Pet Primates in Australia
Ikamaperou: Where Peruvian Primates Find Sanctuary
Special Gifts to IPPL
Recommended Reading
Book Review
Orphaned Chimp “Moteck” Recovers at Limbe
Orangutans Confiscated in Vietnam Flown Home!
Gibraltar’s Monkeys Still Need Help
Help the Barbary Apes: Send Letters to the Gibraltar Government
The Mysterious L’Hoest’s Monkey of the Bwindi Imperetrable Forest
Arcus and IPPL Continue Support of Ape Sanctuaries
Member Profile
Chimfunshi’s Co-Founder David Siddle: 1928-2006
Good-bye to IPPL’s Penny
World’s Primates Lose a Great Friend: Linda Howard
June Captions: One Correction, One Ommission
Attention U.S. Readers: Chimp Program to Air
Meet IPPL’s Elizabeth!

2006 June
Mosiac of member photos
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
IPPL Members’ Meeting 2006: Conference Brings Primate Protectors Together in South Carolina
Recommended Reading: Gorilla Dreams
Getting Out the Word About IPPL
Veterinary Forum: Caring in Captivity
IPPL’s First Silent Auction!
Our Members and Speakers Recall IPPL-2006
Guyana’s Monkeys in Peril
Public Opinion Poll On Guyana’s Monkey Trade
How You Can Help Guyana’s Monkeys
Yerkes Proposes “Swap” for Mangabeys’ Lives
Please Write Letters in Opposition to Killing of Mangabeys
Motek: A bush Meat Orphan in Cameroon
Please Help Motek!
Dian Fossey’s Forgotten Gorilla Orphans
Lebanon’s Illegal Chimp Trade
Please Ask Lebanon to Join CITES
U.S. Zoos Import Wild-Caught Monkeys
How You Can Protest the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Monkey Trafficking
Tacugama Chimpanzees Escape
Special Gifts to IPPL
Member Profile: Susan Parker
CELLO Gives Benefit Concert for IPPL

2005 December
Dian Fossey
A Letter from IPPL’s Charwoman Shirley McGreal
Remembering the “Taming of the Gorillas”
In the Field with Dian Fossey
Primatologist Geza Teleki: Dian’s “Total Commitment”
In Her Footsteps
Dian Fossy: Saving the Gorillas Was Her First Priority
A Very Special Pen Pal
“I Learned Many Things from Dian”
In Interview with Rosamond Carr
Dinners with Dian
“Peace and Love That Cannot Be Threatened by a Spear”
Recommended Reading: No On Loved Gorillas More: Dian Fossey Letter from the Mist
I never met Dian Fossey
Audit Report Blasts U.S. Animal Welfare Act Enforcement
Update: Yerkes Fined Only $1,375 for Death of Chimp
What You Can Do
Member Profile: Carol Arthur
Goodbye to Ivy the Great Pyrenees
A’Famosa Resort Resort Exploits Apes
Protests Needed
Kalaweit: Gibbon Sanctuary and Wildlife Radio Station
My Day as an Indonesian Schoolteacher
Update: Thailand’s Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary
Cameroon Wants Smuggled Apes Returned
GRASP Decloration: Agrican Nations Call for Protection of Great Apes
Palm Oil vs Orangutans
Meet IPPL’s Maui

2005 August
Mother orangutan and baby
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Please Send a Thank You Letter to Saudi Arabia!
IPPL 30 Years Ago: Highlights from 1975
CITES Standing Committee Meets in Geneva: Recommends Nigerian Wildlife Trade Embargo
“Cowboy Monkey” Used in Commercials: Protest!
Cercopan Sanctuary-Compassion and Education
How You Can Help Cercopan
Special Gifts to IPPL
Member Profile Kevin Bernhardt IPPL goes to Hollywood
IPPL Advisor Vernon Reynolds’ New Book “The Chimpanzees of the Budong Forest”
“Taiping Four” Update: Smuggled Gorillas Now On Display
Global Protest Over Smuggled Orangutans “Send Them Back Home”
How You Can Support the “Send Them Back Home” Campaign
Korean Lab Monkeys Die of Over-Heating
News from Kalaweit, Indonesian Gibbon Sanctuary
Earthqueake Strikes Kalaweit’s Siamangs on Sumatra
“Wildlife Refuge” Director Indicted
New Regulations Needed to Protect Australia’s Zoo Animals
Australia: Adopt Standards for Zoo Animals
Highland Farm Survives Despite Tragedy
Primate Imports to the United States 1995-2004: The “Monkey Slave Trade” continues
Recommended Reading: “Hugging the Chimps”
Primate Books for Children
Meet IPPL’s E.T.

2005 April
A lone chacma baboon, silhouetted by the South African sun
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Orangutan In Saudi Pet Shop
Stop the Saudi Arabian Orangutan Trade: Letters Needed
Palu-Palu and Sammy: The Surprise Gibbon Connection
“Bahrain Willie” Has New Baboon Companion
Special Gifts to IPPL
Escaped Chimps Attack Visitors in California
Chimpanzees Used in Commercials
How You Can Help
Jo Jo and Julie: Two Cameroon Chimp Pets Rescued by LWC
Kenya Seizes Smuggled Monkeys and Baby Chimps
Ghana’s Kumasi Zoo Chimps: Together at Last
Accra Zoo, Ghana, Upgrades Primate Housing
Third Grade Artists Create Primate Portraits
Show You CARE!
Malaysian Group: Return Taiping Four Gorillas Home
Help Save the Baboons of South Africa
New Refuge for the Wooly Monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon
Nightclub Monkeys Moved to Rainforest Zoo
Two Grassroots Environmentalists Assassinated in Brazil
Please – Request Protection for Amazon Forests and Their Defenders
End of the “Baby Monkey” Case: Humans Get Off Scot-Free
U.S. Primate Laboratory Under Investigation
Uganda Blocks Export of Monkeys
Thank You Letters
Asian Primates and Sanctuaries Spared by Tsunami
Member Profile: Rebecca Austin
Gifts Given In Memory of IPPL’s Beanie
IPPL’s New Gibbon Greeting Cards!

2004 December
A Letter form IPPL’s Chairwoman
IPPL’s Shirley McGral Receives Conservation Award
Menagerie on Top Floors of Thai Department Store
How You Can Help the Rooftop Animals
WILDLIFE Treaty Meet in Thailand
Ape Issues at CITES Conference
Member Profile: Marjorie Doggett
Cambodian Safari Park’s Orangutan Collection
Cambodian Orangutans: Protest Letters Needed
The Wildlife Friends of Thailand Rescue Center
Update on Thai Safari World Orangutans
Farewell to Beanie
Costa Rica’s Monkey House: Trouble in Paradise
Helsinki Zoo May Cancel Baboon Killing Plan
Please Help Protect the Helsinki Zoo Baboons
Singapore’s Campaign Against Exotic Pet Trade
Background on the “Taiping Four” Gorillas
Animal Abuse Alert: Tips for Overseas Travelers
Ian Redmond meets Jake

2004 August
Wooly monkey from the Amazon rainforest in Peru
Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
The Safari World Orangutan Scandal
Letters Needed!
The Kick-Boxing Ornagutans
Thai Wildlife Rescue Center Raided
News from the United Kingdom
Importers of the “Air France Baby Monkeys” Plead Guilty
Take Action: Ask for Justice for the Baby Monkeys
Government’s Case Against Labs
David – A Beautiful Tonkean Macque
Search for Abused Primates in Vietnam
Hard Work and Conservation Victory for Nature’s Beckon
Singapore Repatriates Pet Monkey: Blue Goes Home
Teenager’s Nationwide Protest Tour of Primate Labs
Update on “Taiping Four” Gorillas
Letters Needed
Arcus Awards IPPL $200,000 Grant for Ape Sanctuaries
Farewell, Blythie And Happy Birthday, Rooie
International Orangutan Awareness Week
IPPL to Participate in Workplace Fundraising Campaign
An Eight-Year Journey for Odudu CERCOPAN Mangabeys Return to the Forest
Update on “Bahrain Willie” Baboon
Member Profile: Deborah Rivel
Pygmy Marmoset

2004 May
Golden-handed tamarin form the forests of South America
Letter from IPPL Chairwoman Shirley McGreal
Special Friend Revisits Igor
Taiping Four Gorillas Secretly Flown to South Africa
Gorilla Move Kept Secret from Press and Public
What You Can Do
“Bahrian Willie” Goes to Wales
Thank You, Emirates Air!
Good-bye to Gale Martin
The Life and Death of a “Photo Chimp” in Singapore
Wakuluzu Update: The Colobus Monkeys of Kenya’s Coast
Help Support the Colobus Trust
Monkeys of the Rock of Gibraltar
How You Can Help the Gibraltar Monkeys
Meet Our Wonderful Speakers
“Chunky Monkey” Creator Visits IPPL
Members’s Comments on IPPL-2004
Plantation Singers Entertain IPPL Members
IPPL Member Profiles: Ruth Feldman and Bonnie Brown, Sharing a lifelong concern for animals
Lively Discussion on Primate Sanctuaries
Primate Conservation Worshop in Assam
Fight Against Orangutan Smuggling
IPPL Gibbons Currently Available for Adoption
Madagascar aye-aye

2003 December
Mueller’s Gibbon
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
New-IPPL Gibbon T-Shirts Starring IPPL’s Own Gibbons
IPPL IS 30 Years Old!
IPPL’s First Years- Never A Dull Day!
Report of Nigerian Wildlife Crime Commission
Report on Wildlife Crime in Nigeria Available
Spread the Word: IPPL PSA Videos Available
Update on “Taiping Four” Gorilla Case
Cambridge Halts Plans for Primate Lab
Double Assault on Endangered Species Act- Letters Needed
Special Gift in Memory of IPPL’s Gale Martin
Fond Memories, Kind Reflections
Comments From Two Early IPPL Employees
IPPL Earns Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator
IPPL’s Grant Program is AppreciateIPPL’s Helping Hand-Africa
IPPL’s Helping Hand- South America
IPPL’s Helping Hand- Asia
Rescuing Orangutans: The Early Days
ProFauna Members Attacked
Messages From Government Officials
A Chimp Orphan’s Life Saved in Ghana
Limbe Welcomes Two More Gorillas
IPPL Member Profile: Violet Soo-hoo
Two Mona Monkeys Smuggled to Portugal
Stop Press- Thai Official Calls for Death Penalty for Animal Traffickers

2003 August
Pygmy marmoset
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
Gorillas Brighter and Twiggy Return Home to Cameroon!
“Taiping Four” to go to South Africa?
IPPL Receives Grant From Arcus Foundation
Nigeria Investigates Wildlife Trade
Are you a Snowbird?
IPPL Grounds Home to Varied Wildlife
Goodbye to Eddie Brewer
Late-Breaking “Taiping-Four” News
Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, “Friend of the Friendless,” Dies at Age 70
14-Year-Old’s Golden Lion Tamarin Project
Ebola Outbreak Kills Humans and Apes
IPPL Hosts Novel Nuptials: “Prime Mate” Couple Renews Vows
Jade Gets in the Way!
IPPL Represented at Kiawah Earth Day Celebration
Learning to be Wild Again: Update on Rescued Orangutans
Saving Primates in a Remote Corner of India
Uganda’s Budongo Forest Project
Recommended Reading
Meet Our Members! Stan Kramien: Magician and Primate Friend
Wild Animal Trade Linked to Disease
Early Day Motion to Ban Primate Experimentation Before British Parliament
The South American Bushmeat Crisis
Monkey Meat Shipments to the United States
Sweden Bans Ape Experiments
IPPL-UK Supports Overseas Sanctuaries
China Plans Huge Primate Laboratory
IPPL Earns Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator
Picture of Mandrill

2003 April
Golden -headed lion tamarin from Brazil
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
IPPL Earns Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator
“Taiping Four” Gorillas on CITES Agenda
Nigeria Establishes Wildlife Crime Commission
The Future of the “Taiping Four” Gorillas
India’s Most Endangered Apes are Being Slaughtered and Smuggled
Life Behind Bars in Zoo Negeri Johor, Malaysia
IPPL Grant Helps Ecuadorian Sanctuary
Ebola Virus Devastates Central African Ape Populations
Ebola Outbreaks in Humans
CITES Conference in Santiago, Chile
Siglo XXI – Chile’s Primate Rescue Center
Found! The World’s Rarest Ape
IPPL Helped the Long Search for the Cao Vit Gibbons!
Taiwanese Officials Respond to IPPL News Article
Nerve Gas Tested on Monkeys
US Facilities Bid for Deadly Disease Lab
Proposed New Primate Laboratory
Request for Information
The US Pet Monkey Trade
Endangered Primates Victims of Pet Trade
Extreme Surgeries
USDA Position on Internet Animal Sales
Primate Imports to United States Double
A New Name for Indonesia’s Top Wildlife Activist Group
Wonderful Primate Stamps From Vietnam

2002 November
Beanie Gibbon
A Letter from IPPL’s Chairwoman
IPPL Receives Sanctuary Support Grant
News from Limbe Wildlife Centre, Cameroon
News from The Drill Ranch Chimpanzee Unit, Nigeria
News from Tacugama, Sierra Leone
News from Kalaweit Gibbon Sanctuary, Indonesia
News from Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary of Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo
News From HELP Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Republic of Congo
“Taiping Four” Gorillas to be Confiscated
Letter from NigerCom Solutions to Limbe Wildlife Centre
Gorillas Make Headlines in Malaysiakini and Star
Formosan Macaques in Crisis at Mt. Longevity, Taiwan
Good-bye to Christine Stevens
A Tour of IPPL Headquarters
Baby Mountain Gorilla Rescued
Thanks for Mr. Adi
Most Endangered Great Ape Threatened
Experts Call for Protection fo Gibbons
Workshop on Gibbon Diversity and Conservation Resolution
IPPL Members Donate to Highland Farm
Coulston Foundation Closed
Research Review Committees Criticized
Prague Zoo Disaster
Ugandan Wildlife Trade: Stopped in its Tracks!
KSBK Helps Confiscate Primates in Jakarta
Cleon Gibbon
Nepal Plans a Monkey Lab: Please Protest
Thanks to Julian Siminski and Ann Koros
Meet Ricky and Dauber

2002: August
Family of silvered leaf monkeys with their bright orange baby
Let’s Double IPPL’s Membership!
The “Taiping Four” Gorilla Deal: IPPL Exposes the Sordid Details
Thank You For Supporting IPPL’s Investigative Work
IPPL Loses a Great Friend
Malaysian Resorts’ Performing Animal Shows
Singapore Zoo Ends Ape “Photo-Ops”
Uganda Nabs Chimpanzee Smugglers
Chicago Museum Lemur Killing Permit Denied
A Long Road to Rescue
Courtney Gibbon is Doing Well
Monkey Slaughter Housese Raided!
Great News: Ugandan President Bans Wildlife Trade
Director of Thai Sanctuary Murdered
Is Orphan Chimpanzee Traffic on the Rise?
The Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon Project
Dutch Lab Chimps to be Retired
Chinese Zoo to Ship Animals to Kabul Zoo
Mountain Gorilla Mothers Murdered
Why IPPL Doesn’t Run E-mail Campaigns
Recommended Reading
Sheila Siddle Visits IPPL
Primate Users and Dealers Meet in Washington

2002: April
Beanie Gibbon
A Letter From IPPL’s Chairwoman
A Message from Rosalind Hanson-Alp
Animal Dealer Offers Gorilla Babies
Late News-The “Taiping Four” Gorilla Deal
Sumatra’s Ghastly Primate Meat Trade
New Gorilla Reaches Limbe-Help Needed
The Cairo Drownings
Uganda Re-Opens Wildlife Trade
The Story of May, A Courageous Dwarf Lemur
IPPL-2002 A Great Success
IPPL Honors Gibbons’ Veterinarian
Members’ Comments on IPPL-2002
Odds and Ends!
Recommended Reading
A Successful Integration
The Urban Monkeys of Sri Lanka
Indictments in the “Baby Monkey” Case
Chimpanzee Rescue in Spain
Gordita and Viejita
Gibbon Specialist Speaks Up for Small Apes
A Wonderful Day for the Launceston Macaques
Schoolteacher Gives IPPL T-Shirts to Students

2001: November
Infant lowland gorilla
A Letter From IPPL’s Chairwoman
Baby Gorilla and Chimpanzee Drowned at Cairo Airport
Standing Up for the Primates!
A Ray of Light
Two Big Thank-Yous
IPPL-UK Battles British Bushmeat Trade
Monkey Lab in West Africa
Monkeys Killed for Sport in Malaysia
Monkeys Mistreated at Malaysian Butterfly Park
Holiday Appeal for Overseas Sanctuaries
The Elusive Simakobu Monkey
IPPL Chairwoman on the Road
Australia May Develop a National Zoo code
Gulf News Investigates Live Animal Trade
IPPL Adopts Rescued Gibbon
Chimp Transplant Surgeon Dies
The History of Ape and Monkey Transplants
China Opens “Co-Habiting Zoo”
Cambodian Officials Confiscate 1,300 Animals
Singapore Issues Orangutan Postage Stamps

2001: August
Drawings Stop Primate Trade
A Letter From IPPL’S Chairwoman
Meet Palu-Palu!
The Plight of the Oregon Monkeys
Letters Work Better Than E-Mail!
The Impossible Housing and Handling Conditions of Monkeys In Research Laboratories
Sri Lanka; The Land And Its Macaques
OBI Reaches Cercopan
IPPL’s ‘Outfit A Ranger’ Campaign Big Success
Qatar Chimpanzees Returned to Africa
Primate Art Competition
Making a Film About The Javan Ebony Langur
KSBK Campaigns for the Javan Ebony Langur
Golden Headed Langur, Where Are You?
The Kalaweit Gibbon Protection Program
My Return To The Limbe Wildlife Centre
IPPL News – The Limbe Wildlife Center – Six Years On
Please Help Akiba-Beri!
A Look At Two Australian Zoos
Shopkeepers Sent To Prison In England
Archie And Edith – Till Death Do Us Part
Two Alternative Perspectives
Chimpanzee Dealer Fined $1,000
Wildlife Auction Policy Changes At eBay
Recommended Reading
Texas Floods Drown Lab Monkeys
News in Brief
Meet Two African Primates!

2001: April
Ring-tailed lemur
A Letter From IPPL’s Chairwoman
Meet Beanie and Laurie!
Arun Rangsi Starts His 20th Year With IPPL!
Good News For Mountain Gorillas
Check Out IPPL’s Web Site
The Primate Trade in North Sumatra
KSBK Member Saves Baby Leaf Monkey
eBay Auctions
Honoring A Legend
Singapore Zoo Developments
Egypt Air Says It Won’t Carry Primates
A Big Thank You!
News From the UK
Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Grants
A Baby Monkey Named ANDi
The Disappearing Naples Monkeys
Help Outfit Park Guards in the Congo
Apes-The Untold Story
‘Nature’s Beckon’ Protests Gibbon Killing
Baby Monkey Dies On Long Trip to Hawaii Bar
KSBK Primate Protection Campaign
Bushmeat Developments
Monkeys Die of Over-heating
The Baby Monkey Case
Extracts From Court Exhibits in Mehlman/Lily Case
Mehlman’s Report From Indonesia
Meet The Lemurs of Madagascar!

2000: December
A snow monkey at play
A Letter From IPPL’s Chairwoman
Gladys Kalema Visits IPPL
Singapore Zoo Using Apes as Photo-Props
Thank You Letters to IPPL
Zoo Monkeys Saved from Death
Cercopan 2000! Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys!
Send a Holiday Card to Dr. George
Pet Monkey’s Horrible Day
Orangutan Attacks Hikers in Taiwan Mountains
IPPL Represented at Conservation Congress
Recommended Reading
Update on the Colobus Monkey Shipment
Investigating the UNIVERSOUL Circus
Vervet Monkeys Find Sanctuary in Israel
Big Day for Space Chimp Descendants
Primate Victory in Spokane
Limbe News
Couple’s Wedding Gifts Going to Limbe!
Two Chimpanzees Confiscated in Qatar
British Group Exposes Cruel Trade in Baboons
Thank You to Challenge Fund Donors
Great Ape Conservation Act
John Aspinall, My Personal Perspective by Cyril Rosen
Death of Howletts/Port Lympne Animal Staff
Saving the Great Apes
Japanese Animal Dealer Off to Prison
Primate Welfare Proposals Upset Experimenters
Extracts from Comments on Policy
Happy Holidays to All Our Human Friends from Beanie and Igor

2000: August
Colobus monkey mother and child
Great News ‘ IPPL Receives Challenge Grant
IPPL Converts to New Member Database
Dirty Colobus Monkey Deal
IPPL Represented at Wildlife Conference
A Thank You Message from Yana and Dedi
John Aspinall Dies
AR-2000 Conference
Orangutans Return to Indonesia
Update from the Limbe Wildlife Centre
Chimpanzees Stranded in Japan
Circus Chimpanzees Kept in Small Cages
Japanese Company Sets Up Primate Lab in US
Conference in North Carolina
The Tragic Death of a Pileated Gibbon
News from KSBK ‘ Bird Markets Raided
US Experimenters Oppose Improvements for Lab Primates
The Final Step to Freedom Conkouati Chimpanzees Returned to the Wild
Meet the Lion Tailed Macaques of India
Biting Chimpanzee Placed with Animal Dealer
CITES Resolution on ‘Persistent Offenders’ Goes Down
More Freedom for Chimfunshi Chimps
‘Baby Monkey Case’ Leads to Lawsuit
Custody Disputes Over Primates
Stella Brewer Marsden’s Project is Alive and Well Picture of Chimp

2000: April
Poet and conservationist Boiro with Beng, a rescued chimpanzee
The World Comes to Summerville
Lynette Shanley Makes a New Friend
Famous Naturalist Speaks to IPPL Members
IPPL Thanks All Our Speakers
Massacre at Woburn Safari Park
Stop Presses- Two More Massacres
KSBK Studies Sulawesi Markets
Thank You Message From Lynette Shanley
Indonesian National Park Threatened
Poems from West Africa
Baby Esme’s Long Journey
Pet Monkey Bites Owner and Gets Death Sentence
Kenya Closes Baboon Farm
Baby Monkey Case – Call for Action
Primates – the Primary Focus for a Day
Extracts from Lynette Shanley’s Talk
Thank You from Shirley McGreal to IPPL Friends in Australia
Police Officer Rescues Monkey
A Note from Stella Brewer Marsden
The Chilean Primate Rescue Center
The Bushmeat Trade in Cameroon
Every Dollar Counts Every Letter Counts
Endangered Primate Rescue Center Update
Controversial Circus Application
Recommended Reading
Smuggled Orangutans Return to Indonesia
Meet the Pygmy LorisIPPL-News-December-2008-min


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