December 2019
A Note From Shirley and Siân
Gideon Gibbon Arrives at IPPL!
Shala Sheidler Joins IPPL as Sanctuary Manager of Animal Care and Grounds
Go Nuts for Gibbons!
Highlights of CITES CoP18
Ways to Help IPPL
Holiday Wishes with Our Gratitude
Agricultural Fires Devastate Wildlife in Bolivia
Adams Cassinga – A Powerful and Effective Voice for the DRC
Temple, Macaques and Douc Langur Foundation at Son Tra Nature Reserve
Trident United Way Day of Caring
IPPL goes to court for the monkeys
Special Gifts
Farewell to Our Sweet Blackie
The Underappreciated Vulture
Primate Paraphernalia
Meet the Gibbons Available for Adoption
Meet Thai

August 2019
Nosy Be Sportive Lemurs
Monogamy in Primates
Protests for Primates
From Dian with Love
IPPL Welcomes Ape Action Africa!
Meet the IPPL Otters
Lab Monkeys’ Horrible Deaths
Sanaga-Yong Celebrates 20 Years
Earthquake Rattles Ikamaperu
C.A.R.E Releasing Rehabilitated Baboons
Gibbon Rescue in Vietnam
CITES Conference Rescheduled
Gibbon You All My Love

March 2019
Good-bye, Arun Rangsi
Nakula – Update on a Special Gibbon
2019 Upcoming Conferences
Myth of the Solitary Loris
Primates in Ecuador
Special Gifts
Saving Farah
Red Howler Monkeys in Bolivia
Liberian Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Adopt an IPPL Gibbon
Meet Paen

June 2018
A Note from Shirley
Biennial Supporters’ Conference
PROFAUNA: Protection of Primates in Indonesia
Drill Ranch: “The Drill Monkey”
New Technology for Conservationists
Ape Action Africa
Conservation of the Endangered Brown Spider Monkey
Conservation Conundrums
Primate Protection in Peru
Challenges of Wildlife Rescue in Thailand
Fighting for Primates in U.S. Laboratories
Primates of the Cross Sanaga: Limbe Wildlife Center
Baby and Blythie
Chinese Emperor Watches over IPPL’s Memorial Garden
A Little about Vervet Monkeys…
New Gibbon Adoption Pages!!

December 2017
A Note from Shirley
IPPL Leadership
Chimpanzees and Monkeys Seized at Kathmandu Airport Action Alert
Will the Doucs loose their home? Action Alert
Saving Chimps in Guinea
Save the Date
Goodbye to Jim Mahoney
Asian Otters at IPPL
Gibbons: The Swinging Singers of Forests
Schlater’s Guenons
IPPL to the Rescue
Finding Maynard

August 2017
A Note from Shirley
Success In Sumak Allpa
History of IPPL Meetings 1990-2016
A Day in the Life of PROFAUNA
Chu Mom Ray Gibbons in Danger of Going Extinct!
I fell in love with a Monkey
Catastrophic Storm Hits Drill Ranch in Nigeria
2017 Animal Rights Conference
Kalaweit – the Founder’s Dream
Mudslide in Sierra Leone
Blessing of IPPL’s Animals
Farewell Sheila Dines

May 2017
A Note from Shirley
IPPL’s New Website
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
CITES – IPPL’s Involvement
Farewell Helen
An Otter Love Story
Tigers and Elephants and gibbons, Oh My!
Art Students Learn About IPPL gibbons
Chimpanzee Conservation Center, Guinea
US Department of Agriculture Restricts Public Access to Records
J.A.C.K. Sanctuary Commitment and Perseverance
Entropika is celebrating its 10th anniversary: Thanks IPPL – for your long term support!

December 2016
Hurricane Matthew Devastates IPPL
Super-highway Threatens Gorillas
The Birth of IPPL, part 2
Vietnam’s Disappearing Doucs
Chico and Maggie Update
CITES Convention
Pet Monkey Spotted in SummervilleAction Alert
IPPL Receives Angel Award
Special Gifts

September 2016
IPPL Welcomes Paen
The Birth of IPPL
Farewell Kendra
Gibbon Picnics
A Safe Way to Drive Away Monkeys!
2016 Animal Rights National Conference
Better protection for Barbary Macaques
IPPL’s Beautiful, Busy Dogs!
Animal Care Team Member Story
Special Gifts
Matching Gifts
Special Thanks to IPPL Supporters

June 2016
Dorothy Retires to IPPL
Mirror Enrichment
IPPL’s 14th Biennial Meeting
Bala Amarasekaran
Edwin Wiek
Molly Jorges
IPPL’s Animal Care
Pam Mendosa
Carolyn Bocian
Robin Huffman
Celeste Coles
Angela Maldonado
Help Save Lonely Ponso!Action Alert
Farewell to Ardith Eudey
No Import Data This Year
Help End the Primate Pet Trade

December 2015
A Note from Shirley
IPPL and the Five Monkey Export BansJune 2016
Three Tales from Behind the Scenes
IPPL’s “Small Grants Program” Has BIG Impact
Sian Waters and the team at the Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation, Morocco
Edwin Wiek and the team at WFFT, Thailand
Aurelien “Chanee” Brule and the team at Kalaweit, Indonesia
Anna Nekaris and the team at the Little Fireface Project, Indonesia
Pharanee Deters and the team at the Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary, Thailand
Angela Maldonado and the team at Fundacion Entropika, Colombia
Roxane and Franck Chantereau and the team at J.A.C.K., Democratic Republic of Congo
Rosek Nursahid and the team at ProFauna, Indonesia
Ape! Action! Africa!
Vietnam’s Civil War on Primates: Douc Langurs and Gibbons at Risk
Ode To A Species In A Time of Extinction
Outside These Bars
The Sunrise Circle
Leave a Lasting Legacy…for the Primates You Love
Indonesia on Fire, Gibbons at Risk

2015 August
A Note from Shirley
A Family Size Thank you
The Golden Lion Tamarins of the Mata Atlântica
The Year of the Funky GibbonAction Alert
A Happy Ending for Austrian Lab Chimps!
Monkey Madness in Cameroon: Meet Some of LWC’s Newest Arrivals
Recommended Reading: Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers (A Monkey Sanctuary Owner Tells All
Leave a Lasting Legacy……for the Primates You Love
Special Gifts to IPPL Given by
Farewell to a Magic Man, Stan Kramien
Primates of the Caribbean
Our Name in Lights
Better Conditions for Lab Monkeys: Their Turn at Last?
Meet IPPL’s Uma!

2015 April
A Note from Shirley
Mama Mia, We’ve Got a New Gibbon
It’s Our Year! 2015 Year of the gibbon
Primates in Peril Down Under, Lynette Shanley
Aussie Government Permits Movie Monkey Imports
Killed by Cuteness
Enduring Help for Chimpanzees in the Congo: A Promise Kept, Lucie Alyre, HELP Congo Veterinarian
Leave a Lasting Legacy for the Primates You Love
Protect the Mauritius Monkey Action Alert
Help Make Mauritius a Monkey Paradise again!
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Weird 2014 US Primate Trade Statistics
A center for Primate Conservation in Vietnam Tilo Nadler, Endangered Primate rescue center Director
Farewell to Charles Shuttleworth
Meet IPPL’s Ziggy

2014 December
A Note from Shirley
Challenges for Bonobo Conservation
Thank You from Three Sanctuaries
From the Ebola zone: IPPL’s Donors to the Rescue!
Thank you to everyone who is helping in a time of crisis!
Thanks from the field: A Baboon Troop Release
WAR Stories: Wildlife Rehabilitation in Vietnam”
Farewell to Igor Gibbon
IPPL’s Founder Receives Lifetime Award
Cambodia’s Monkey Dealing
Help Save Cambodia’s monkeys! Action Alert
An IPPL-Sponsored Gibbon Release in Thailand
Meet IPPL’s Speedy

2014 September
A Note from Shirley
Welcome, Spanky!
Go Nuts for Gibbons!
IPPL’s 2014 Supporters’ Meeting
Rabbits, Rabbits!
Meet Our Presenters:
Anna Nekaris” “Little Brown Units”
A Paean to Prosimians
Angela Maldonado: Winning One for the Monkeys
Drew Cronin: Chasing Monkeys in the Armpit of Africa
Carlos Almazan and Elbe Munoz Lopez: A Primate Trade Museum
Swasti Prawidya Mukti: Black Markets and Bird Markets
Pam Mendosa: “This is Africa”
Mangal Man Shakya: Nepal’s “Shirley Sanctury”
Sian Water: Riding the Monkey Bus
Keri Cairns and Helen Thirlway: The UK’s Dynamic Duo
Pharanee Deters: An Unexpected Retirement
Shirley McGreal: Our Far-Flung Friends
Supporters’ Forum
The Secret Lives of the IPPL Gibbons
2013 U.S. Primate Imports: A Worrying Uptick?
Urge the U.S. to Investigate Monkey Imports Action Alert
The 2014 Animal Rights Conference
Chinese Chimpanzee Trafficking
Keep Them in the Wild: Ask China to Stop Importing Chimps Action Alert
Goodbye, Northie Newf!
Rescuing Indonesia’s “Dancing Monkeys”
Meet IPPL’s Dianne

2014 April
A Note from Shirley
IPPL’s Wintertime Blues
Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help
Painting for Primates
The Immuno Lawsuit Revisited
Immuno’s Long Shadow
See It For Yourself Action Alert
Out of the Ashes
The Story of Cedar
After Rita: A Letter from C.A.R.E.
Charges Brought Against Indonesian Monkey Poacher
How You Can Help Stop the Slaughter Action Alert
Farewell, Geza Teleki
Goodbye to Cyril Rosen
Meet IPPL’s Chloe

2013 December
A Note from Shirley
Malaysia Ends Monkey Cull!
Arson at a Chimp Sanctuary – Again
Help Keep the Chimp Orphans Safe! Action Alert
A Thank You to IPPL Donors from Cameroon
IPPL Contributions are being used for:
Riding for Orangutans: ProFauna’s “Tour de Sumatra”
A Reason to Ride
A Bumpy Journey
More Hope 4 Apes in London
Spooky Treats from OZ
Scarecrows on the Square
Rehabilitated Spider Monkey Successfully Released in Peru
The Laotian Connection
The Importance of Letters
How You Can Help End the New “Laotian Connection” Action Alert
Meet IPPL’s Helen

2013 August
A Note from Shirley
IPPL Celebrates 40 Years
Kevin Bernhardt
Dr. Frances Burton
Michael & Karen Budkie
Dr. Deborah Tanzer
Frank and Roxane Chantereau
Pharanee Deters
Andrea Edwards
Liza Gadsby
Ann Koros
Dr. James Mahoney
Bill Collins
Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Iqbal Malik
Dr. Vernon Reynolds
Rosek Nursahid
Heather McGiffin
Dr. Colin Groves
Mangal Man Shakya
Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick DBE
Mohammed Kahn bin Momin Khan
Lynette Shanley
Helen Thirlway
Michael Turco
Dr. Deborah Misotti & Hope
Hanging out for Orangutans
Interview with Two Orangutan Experts
Chimp Chatter at National Animal Conference
IPPL at AR2013
The Limbe Wildlife Centre: Hope for Cameroon’s Orphaned Primates
Help LWC’s rescued primates with a donation to IPPL Action Alert
IPPL Welcomes the Silver Springs Four
Nepalese Wildlife Group Rescue Infant Temple Monkey
The Malaysian Monkey Murders: An Update
Encourage the New Malaysian Environment Minister to be Kind to Monkeys! Action Alert
A Beautiful Legacy of Primate Stamps
Goodbye to Old Friends
Meet IPPL’s Tong

2013 April
A Note from Shirley
A Malaysian Monkey Massacre
Protest the Malaysian Monkey Cull Action Alert
CITES(and IPPL) at 40: Insight from Bangkok Helen Thirlway
Censuring Guinea’s Chimp Trade – But Not China’s
Tell Ethiopian Airlines:Don’t help the Chimp smugglers Action Alert
Wildlife Friends and Habitat
My Dinner with Pharanee
The Surreal Pata Zoo
Bangkok’s Department Store Zoo Must Close Action Alert
Free at Last, Jasper Iepema
The Late, Great “Barbary Ape”
Hope for the Javan Slow Loris
Primate Imports to the U.S. Continue Decline
Tong and Gibby – Together
Meet IPPL’s Michael

2012 December
A Note from Shirley
Meet the Champ!
Colombia Bans the Night Monkey Trade!
Letter from C.A.R.E.
Special Gifts in Memory of Rita Miljo
Nakola in Love?
The Rescue of Motambo
Meet PALF, Son of LAGA
A Baby Chimp Rescued by LAGA—Seven Years Later
LAGA Founder Receives International Award
Monkey Murder in Mauritius
Save the Monkeys of Mauritius! Action Alert
Down in the Archives
The Rescue of Boopy the Hoolock
ProFauna Investigates Sumatra’s Monkey Meat Trade
Protest Indonesia’s Monkey Meat Trade Action Alert
It’s Pumpkinfest at the IPPL Sanctuary!
Meet IPPL’s Elsa

2012 September
A Note from Shirley
Remembering Rita
Special Tributes
Please Make a Donation in Memory of Rita Action Alert
Secrets of the Enigmatic Little Fireface
Laboratory Chimpanzees at Center of Controversy
What You Can Do To Help Chimps Really Retire Action Alert
The Gibbons of Summer
Life is GOOG
Special Gifts to IPPL Given by
Thank You Note to IPPL’s Members
Mischievous Maynard

2012 May
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Orangutans Fight for Survival in Burning SwampAction Alert
A New Era for Gibraltar’s Monkeys
Monkey Management
IPPL’s 12th Biennial Meeting: Your Passport to Primate Protection!
Edwin Wiek and Jansaeng (“Noi”) Sangnanork: Thailand
Our Primate Heroes…
Keri Cairns: Cambodia
Ofir Drori: Cameroon
Jasper Iepema: Malawi
Andrea Donaldson and Keith Thompson: Kenya
Debra Durham: USA
Olatunji Olatundun: Nigeria
Bob Ingersoll: USA
Thank you, Bob!
Franck Chantereau: DRC
Noga Shanee: Peru
Sirajul Hossain: Bangladesh
IPPL Meeting is Inspiration for Primate Book
Spread the Word!Action Alert
IPPL Monitors U.S. 2011 Primate Imports
Urge the U.S. to Investigate Monkey Imports!Action Alert
The Global Macaque Trade: Problems and Solutions
Feedback and Photos
Cathy and Michael Find Romance
Youngsters Deliver Gibbon Goodies!
Gibby and Marianne: A Story of Bonding
Good-bye Bullet

2011 December
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Chimpanzee Upgrade Comment Period Extended
How You Can Help Captive Chimpanzees in the United States
Kids’ “Wild Over Wildlife” Club Reaches Out to Primates Near and Far
News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
A “Half Woman, Half Gibbon” from Oz Visits IPPL
Calling Would-be Primatologists: Summer Camp in Sabah!
Great Things in Small Packages IPPL’s Small Grants Program
The Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
HELP Congo
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Colobus Trust
The Last Great Ape Organization
Chimpanzee Conservation Center
The Pandrillus Foundation
Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro
Sumak Allpa
Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitacion de Primates
Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi
Neotropical Primate Conservation
Fundacion Entropika
Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary
Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand
ProFauna Indonesia
Wildlife Watch Group
IPPL Helps With Tripoli Zoo Crisis
Guitars and Lemurs

2011 September
Former Lab Gibbon Arun Rangsi
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
It’s CFC Time!
Arun Rangsi: 30 Years with IPPL
If You Would Like to Wish Arun Rangsi Happy Anniversary
News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
Abusing Our Cousins: IPPL Highlights Multiple Threats to Primates Action Alert
Primate Imports to the United States for 2010 Action Alert
Chimpanzee Star of Project NM has ties to IPPL Gibbons
Chimpanzee Attack Victim Get Face Transplant
Good-bye to Elsie Quinn
Special Gifts to IPPL
Uganda Wildlife Authority Angry Over Light Penalty to Gorilla Killers Action Alert
IPPL News Teaches: Humans Are Animals, Too!
IPPL Helps ProFauna Protest Indonesian Primate Trade
Lawmakers Accuse Florida Animal Dealer of Misuse of Stimulus Money
Getting to Know J.A.C.K.!
Washington Meeting Debates Future of Chimp Research
Record-Breaking Colobus Baby Betsy Is Still Thriving
IPPL Helps With Abidjan Zoo Crisis
A Visit to Making It Grow
Meet IPPL’s Peppy: The Gibbon Who Got Away!

2011 May
Bolivian grassroots refuges
ProFauna’s “Day in the Jungle”
Keep up the pressure on Pata Zoo Action Alert
Record-breaking colobus baby Action Alert
Nepal art show celebrates monkeys
IPPL sanctuary news: Snow & GH#9
Chimps get a lot of love in the DRC
IPPL (UK) update

2010 December
The hoolocks of Bangladesh
Chimps go to Chinese zoos Action Alert
IPPL sanctuary news: two farewells
Save the Funky Gibbon!
Catching on to ape anesthesia
The doucs of Danang
Ikamaperu update
Just for kids: Pictures from Peru

2010 September
The Colobus Monkeys of Kenya
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Meet Rosie, the Newest IPPL Gibbon!
More News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
Day of Caring 2010
Close the Pata Store Menagerie Action Alert
Primate Challenges and Victories at Conference
Anson Wong Imprisoned Action Alert
Special Gifts
The Colobus Trust Protects Kenya’s Coastal Monkeys
Help us Build More Colobridges! Action Alert
Helping Chimpanzees Climb Trees: IPPL Sees the Dream One Step Closer!
Baboon Bash Raises Funds for South African Sanctuary
Six Peaks for Primates!
Just For Kids!
Taking Care of Primates-Now and Forever
Primate Paraphernalia!
Adopt an IPPL Gibbon
Meet Bullet: The Gibbons’ Friend and Guardian

2010 May
Members’ Meeting Memories
A Letter from IPPL’s Executive Director Shirley McGreal
Gibby’s Special Visitor
IPPL Represented at International Wildlife Conference
CITES: A “Rookie” Perspective
Malaysia Plans Animal Research Facility
Please Protest the Malaysian Monkey Lab Action Alert
Socializing Captive-born Taiwanese Macaques
Special Gifts
U.S. Primate Imports for 2009
UK Statistics Show Decline in Primate Imports
IPPL Members’ Meeting 2010
A “New” Sanctuary in the DRC
An Eye for Owl Monkeys
The Hundredth Chimpanzee
A Whole Lot of Wildlife in His Hands
Barbary Macaques, Beyond Gibraltar
Primates in Entertainment
Exposing Primate Abuses in the U.S.
IPPL (UK)’s Director Showcases a Re-energized Organization
Carole Noon’s Chimpanzee Legacy
Celebrating Children and Chimps
Primate Enrichment: As Easy As One-Two-Bamboo!
More Members’ Meeting Memories!
News from IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary
Just For Kids!
Primate Paraphernalia!
IPPL Gibbons Currently Available for Adoption
Meet IPPL’s Scrappy


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