Adopt a Gibbon!

Each of the gibbons living at IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary deserves a happy life. Many of our residents have come to IPPL after years in research labs, at sub-standard zoos, or as pets. By adopting an IPPL gibbon, you help to ensure that your chosen animal (and all the IPPL gibbons) will continue to get the best care possible: enjoying peaceful surroundings in sunny South Carolina, living in spacious enclosures, and eating a varied diet of fresh, natural foods. For a donation of $25 per month for at least six months, you will receive:

  • A signed Gibbon Guardian Certificate.
  • A biographical sketch of your gibbon.
  • A large glossy photograph of your gibbon.
  • Two updates a year on your gibbon.
  • An IPPL sanctuary fact sheet.
  • A gibbon fact sheet.
  • An IPPL window cling.
  • A T-shirt featuring several IPPL gibbons.

Here are the IPPL gibbons currently available for adoption:




Shanti, whose name means “Peace” in Sanskrit, was born on 7 February 1978 at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP) in New York. IPPL was looking for a potential mate for IPPL’s very first rescued lab gibbon, Arun Rangsi (Rui). In 1983, Shirley and a former animal caregiver drove to New York to bring Shanti back to IPPL to begin her new life at our sanctuary. They found her living alone in a small cage – what a change she was about to have! Once at IPPL, we observed that Shanti had a very laid-back disposition. Her favorite food became figs and her favorite pastime became picking fresh figs from trees next to her outdoor habitat. When she was introduced to Rui – it was love at first sight. For over three decades they rarely left each other’s side and even shared food. Sadly, in December 2018 Rui became very sick and he was gently put to sleep. After all the years that he and Shanti spent together, we thought it was fitting to offer Shanti as our newest gibbon available for adoption. We have a feeling that Rui would approve and hope that many of you will want to make Shanti your new adopted gibbon.



Peppy was born in 1979 at a cancer lab run by the University of California at Davis where the gibbons were used in painful and usually fatal viral cancer experiments. Peppy received what was expected to be a lethal injection, but his medical report shows that it failed. He is “The Gibbon who got away.” When the lab closed, he was sent to another research facility, the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates in New York. Fortunately, LEMSIP closed in 1982 and he and his companion-for life, Helen, came to IPPL. They lived together at our sanctuary for 35 years. Peppy sucked his thumb the day he arrived and has never “kicked this habit.” Peppy is the only two gibbon who favor veggies over fruit and in the morning. In addition to looking forward to breakfast, Peppy has his own ritual. When let out of his night quarters, Peppy begins every single day by running from one end of his outdoor enclosure to the other—the whole length of it, arms flung up, out of sheer excitement: it’s as though every day he’s still grateful to be here. Wouldn’t you like to adopt this grateful little guy?


Tong travelled the farthest to get to IPPL—all the way from Thailand! She is a yellow-cheeked crested gibbon who was wild-born in her native Vietnam around 1970. When she was an infant, she was sold to a US serviceman. When he left the country, Tong remained in the care of his servants. Unfortunately, they knew very little about gibbon nutrition, so Tong developed rickets, a deforming bone disease. Fortunately, Tong ultimately ended up in the care of newly formed IPPL in 1974. The only gibbon of her kind at IPPL, her coat color is reddish-gold, with a little patch of black on the top of her head. Her song is quite different from that of the other gibbons and ends with a lovely, bubbling trill. She is known for doing happy gibbon calls and somersaults whenever she sees special treats coming. Tong’s favorite foods are citrus fruit and all kind of beans. She loves her blue ball and is ready to play as soon as one of the animal care staff rolls it to her. She squeaks and dances around it—rolling it with her feet. She can get distracted, but as soon as it is rolled back to her – she starts dancing again! Would you like to adopt Tong – the only IPPL gibbon who came from Thailand and “wears” a stylish black hat? If so, you would be helping care for this charming senior girl!


Courtney was born at IPPL on 10 January 2002, the result of a failed vasectomy. When she was 12 days old, her mother rejected her, leaving this tiny infant with a terribly mangled leg. Because she could not be returned to her mother, she was hand- raised by IPPL staff, special night-nannies, and volunteers for over six years. Many caregivers took turns feeding her, playing with her, and taking her for walks around the sanctuary grounds. Always curious and energetic, she was a real handful! Courtney has made an amazing recovery since the difficult time of her early life. She now runs, swings, and climbs so well you would never guess how badly she had been injured. Despite Courtney’s high level of activity, she is the biggest gibbon in our sanctuary and if asked what her favorite food is— we would have to say “grapes, and well… everything!” Since May 2009, Courtney has been paired with a former lab gibbon by the name of Whoop-Whoop. His mild-mannered personality is a good match for her wild ways as he always lets her have first dibs at their lunch pail. We hope you will consider adopting this spunky and determined “not so little” ape!

How to Adopt

We have provided two ways for you to adopt a gibbon. You can use our secure server or print out the adoption application and fax or mail it to us. Either way, you will be helping IPPL to provide the love and care these gibbons need and deserve. Thank you!


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