Each of the gibbons living at IPPL’s Headquarters Sanctuary deserves a happy life. Many of our residents have come to IPPL after years in research labs, at sub-standard zoos, or as pets. By adopting an IPPL gibbon, you help to ensure that your chosen animal (and all the IPPL gibbons) will continue to get the best care possible: enjoying peaceful surroundings in sunny South Carolina, living in spacious enclosures, and eating a varied diet of fresh, natural foods.

Here are the IPPL gibbons currently available for adoption:


Shanti, whose name means “Peace” in Sanskrit, was born on 7 February 1978 at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP) in New York.


Peppy was born in 1979 at a cancer lab run by the University of California at Davis where the gibbons were used in painful and usually fatal viral cancer experiments.


Tong travelled the farthest to get to IPPL—all the way from Thailand! She is a yellow-cheeked crested gibbon who was wild-born in her native Vietnam around 1970.


Courtney was born at IPPL on 10 January 2002, the result of a failed vasectomy. When she was 12 days old, her mother rejected her, leaving this tiny infant with a terribly mangled leg.

How to Adopt

We have provided two ways for you to adopt a gibbon. You can use our secure server or print out the adoption application and fax or mail it to us. Either way, you will be helping IPPL to provide the love and care these gibbons need and deserve. For a donation of $25 per month for at least six months, you will receive:

  • A signed Gibbon Guardian Certificate.
  • A biographical sketch of your gibbon.
  • A large glossy photograph of your gibbon.
  • Two updates a year on your gibbon.
  • An IPPL sanctuary fact sheet.
  • A gibbon fact sheet.
  • An IPPL window cling.
  • A T-shirt featuring several IPPL gibbons.

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