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IPPL not only helps primates in need around the world, but also maintains a Gibbon Sanctuary in Summerville, South Carolina, where dozens of the smallest of the apes reside.

A fun introduction to IPPL by Marc Ellis, who visited our sanctuary in July 2011.

A typical summer day at the IPPL sanctuary, by Marc Ellis.

Sounds of the Gibbons

Over the years, thousands of caring supporters around the world, have enabled us to rescue dozens of abused and neglected gibbons from a variety of unfortunate, sometimes horrific, backgrounds. Our gibbons were retired from zoos, part of roadside attractions, former pets, or they spent years as subjects in research labs. Without the generous support of our compassionate donors, many of these animals would have been condemned to a life of misery, or even an unnecessary and premature death. Instead, our gibbons enjoy some of the best conditions in captivity, with a variety of fresh food, indoor enclosures equipped with heat air conditioning and TV’s, spacious outdoor enclosures, enrichment, and lots of loving care. As a result, we’re proud that some of our gibbons have lived to be well over 50 years of age! Please note that IPPL is a sanctuary, dedicated to the comfort and safety of our gibbons. Therefore, we are not open to the public.

Gibbons currently living at our sanctuary:

Males: 20
Females: 10
Total: 30

All of  IPPL’s gibbons belong to the white-handed gibbon species, Hylobates lar. Both sexes of white-handed gibbons can be either light-colored (ranging from blonde to honey-brown) or black. All have white face rings and white hands and feet.

Name Paired with
1. Ahimsa N/A
2. Chloe N/A
3. Courtney Whoop-Whoop
4. Dianne Robbie
5. Donny N/A
6. Elsa Nicholas
7. Erin Ziggy
8. Gary N/A
9. Gibby N/A
10. Gideon N/A
11. Jade Palu-Palu
12. Louie-Louie N/A
13. Maui N/A
14. Maynard N/A
15. Mia Peppy
16. Michael N/A
17. Nicholas Elsa
18. Paen Scrappy
19. Palu-Palu Jade
20. Peppy Mia
21. Robbie Dianne
22. Scrappy Paen
23. Shanti N/A
24. Snowy N/A
25. Spanky N/A
26. Speedy N/A
27. Thai N/A
28. Val N/A
29. Whop-Whoop Courtney
30. Ziggy Erin

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