Name: Erin
Sex: Female
Born: February 28, 1985
Favorite food: Bananas and sweet potatoes (like her mate Ziggy).
Favorite activity: Grooming her mate.

ErinErin came to IPPL in 2007 along with her mate Ziggy and their seven-year-old daughter Cathy. They had arrived from another sanctuary that was experiencing difficulties at the time, and we were glad to take the family in.

Erin’s former sanctuary home had acquired her in 1998 from the Hattiesburg Zoo in Mississippi, after aggression broke out in her group. Erin was injured and had to have her right foot and lower leg amputated. Since gibbons are arboreal, they naturally use a kind of arm-over-arm swinging (called brachiation) to get around, so the loss of her foot has not hampered her much. Erin uses her injured leg for balance whenever she moves about, and when she sits down she’ll often rest it propped up on the bars of her enclosure. She and Ziggy both are very sweet to their caregivers.

When tensions arose in the family in early 2012, we separated Cathy from her parents and paired her with Michael. Erin and Ziggy quickly adjusted to their new life as “empty nesters.” And Erin and Ziggy still get along well.


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