Snow following the lunch cart

Snow is a Great Pyrenees rescue who was born February 28, 2008. She was brought to IPPL on January 13, 2011. She is a sweet and lively dog who loves chasing squirrels (and, we think, is helping keep the critters away from our gibbons’ lunch buckets!). She settled down well into the routine here and frequently accompanies our caregivers on their rounds.

She has the habit typical of her breed of barking at large birds. Since Great Pyrenees were bred to guard livestock, this trait was useful for keeping large predatory birds away from vulnerable lambs and kids. Thanks to Snow, our gibbons will always be well protected from crows!


Blue, our handsome Newfoundland, was born May 20, 2014. He is the most recent addition to our Canine Crew – with an amazing, fluffy coat and a wonderful temperament. Blue enjoys following the staff around the sanctuary grounds or exploring on his own. He also enjoys trips into Summerville to participate in a parade or visit the Farmer’s Market – where he is greeted and admired, by everyone!




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