Name: Louie-Louie
Sex: Male
Born: July 15, 1991
Favorite food: Mangos.
Favorite activity: Sunbathing.

Louie-LouieLouie-Louie came to IPPL with his parents in October 1991 from the Lubee Foundation in Florida, after the death of the foundation’s founder. Those who assumed control of the research foundation decided to get rid of all their 180 or so primates and focus solely on bats. The unwanted primates included Cleon and Clementine and their son Louie-Louie who, at the time of their arrival at IPPL, was still clinging to his mother. Cleon and Clementine were very old gibbons who had reached the foundation from a northern zoo, and both were missing many fingers and toes due to frostbite. They have since passed on.

We eventually paired Louie-Louie with a female gibbon named Michelle in March 2007. They were a sort of “odd couple.” Michelle was a feisty, mature female of about 20; she had already had an infant, and she had to be separated from her previous mate because of her aggressive behavior. Louie-Louie was at the time an innocent 15-year-old in the prime of his life. So Michelle became a “cradle-robber”—and Louie-Louie became one very happy fella.

The two of them were very active, often swinging and wrestling together. They liked to play with the freshly-cut bamboo stalks that we provide for enrichment. Sadly, after nearly seven years together, Michelle died of cancer. 

Louie-Louie is still quite an energetic gibbon. But when he’s ready for a rest, he will lie splayed out on the cool cement floor of his outdoor enclosure and relax in the sun.



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