Name: Uma
Sex: Female
Born: September 5, 1985
Favorite food: She’s a good eater when she gets something she likes and appreciates being given whole bananas and entire (small) bunches of grapes.
Favorite activity: Disrupting things when Scrappy is getting extra attention from female caregivers.

UmaUma came with her mate Scrappy to IPPL in 2007 from another sanctuary that was undergoing reorganization. They had been sent to Texas in 1993 from what was then known as the Glen Oak Zoo in Peoria, Illinois, after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requested that they be moved to a new location.

Uma is a beautiful gibbon with a terrific mane framing her face. She makes a surprising contrast to somewhat homely Scrappy, with his discolored teeth and lanky figure.

She is less of a people-person than Scrappy, but she will accept appropriate treats from human friends. If you offer her something she’s not interested in (she does not care for raisins, for example), she’ll just look at you disdainfully.

Maybe because she’s less of a people-person than Scrappy, she sometimes finds his episodes of fraternizing with human females a bit hard to take. Scrappy (if he’s in the right mood) really enjoys attention from the ladies. Uma has been known to intervene bodily in a back-scratching session, showing off her female gibbon charms in an attempt to remind Scrappy of where his priorities should lie. She’s never aggressive, she just wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T: what you want, baby I got it!


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