Name: Ahimsa (a Sanskrit name meaning “non-violence towards all living beings”)
Sex: Male
Companion: Elizabeth
Born: November 23, 1985
Favorite food: Dates—which he adores and will sometimes swallow WHOLE; fortunately for him, we make sure they’re pitted!
Favorite activity: Ambushing our caretakers in the grapevines

Ahimsa, whose name is Sanskrit for “non-violence towards all living beings”, is the first child of IPPL’s first rescued lab gibbon, Arun Rangsi. His mother is also an ex-lab gibbon named Shanti. Despite being denied a normal life in the laboratories where they were born, Shanti and Arun Rangsi turned out to be excellent parents. Shanti carried Ahimsa around everywhere and would often show him off to the animal care staff when he was a baby.

After reaching sexual maturity, Ahimsa was paired with Elizabeth, who came to IPPL from a tourist attraction in Silver Springs, Florida. The two get along very well together, and Ahimsa is very protective of his mate. If he believes the animal caregivers are spending too much time with her, he will gently bat their hands away. Ahimsa also enjoys being pampered. Despite easy access to the grape vines growing around his aerial runway, he prefers to wait for the animal care staff to pick the grapes and then holds his hands out, shaking them expectantly hoping for an easy treat.


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