Name: Elizabeth
Sex: Female
Mate: Ahimsa
Born: June 16, 1984
Favorite food: Figs
Favorite activity: Sucking her thumb (like Peppy)

Elizabeth was born at a tourist attraction in Florida called Silver Springs Park. Her gibbon family was living on an island in the Silver River and jungle cruise boats would pass by daily. One day, a cruise boat guide noticed a baby gibbon being neglected and staff were called and removed her from the island. One of the Silver Springs staff members then hand-raised Elizabeth for several months and kept careful daily notes of her weight, food consumption, and development. Eventually, the management at Silver Springs decided that hand-raising a gibbon was too time-consuming and on March 17, 1985 Elizabeth was transferred to IPPL. After 28 years she was followed to IPPL by her parents, brother, and sister in the summer of 2013.

We raised Elizabeth by hand until she reached adolescence and, once she reached maturity, we paired her with Ahimsa, Shanti and Arun Rangsi’s first child. Like a few other gibbons that have been hand-raised, Elizabeth acquired a thumb-sucking habit that she still continues to this day. She enjoys spending time with humans nearby and will check on their progress occasionally. When a new flower bed is planted close to her enclosure, she will reach her long arms out of the enclosure to pull up and eat the flowers and leaves. Just a part of IPPL’s quality control!


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