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In addition to helping IPPL by making donations or adopting a gibbon, there is another way to help – Volunteer!  Our sanctuary sits on 37 acres and is home to dozens of gibbons. Volunteers play an important role in helping us with sanctuary and office needs.

Throughout the year, we welcome businesses, universities, and scouts willing to form Work Parties, as well as individuals to help with the following:

  • Grounds: Landscaping, planting, raking
  • Painting: Benches, and cage fixtures
  • Building: Climbing platforms for the gibbon enclosures
  • Tuesday Produce Day: Assist in unloading and storing donated produce for our gibbons.
  • Office assistance: Includes filing and preparing special mailings
  • Fundraising activities and special events
  • Kids can help too! Although you must be 18 to volunteer on the property, school-aged children have made enrichment items for the gibbons either as a class event or with a birthday party where the “gifts” are enrichment items for the gibbons (we can supply a list of ideas). And, we will be happy to post photos on our facebook page!

*IPPL is amazed by all the support thus far from volunteers reaching out to help our ape and otter sanctuary. With that said we are still currently not accepting volunteers right now with the COVID-19 numbers still actively high in the Charleston/Summerville area. We are keeping a list of those that have sent in their completed Volunteer application form. We will be creating our first official raised garden beds to grow produce for the gibbons. This project will need a lot of help at all stages. If still interested in volunteering please send an email to meg@ippl.org for more details. Thank you for your patience and willingness to help us here at IPPL!!


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